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Goot is an internationalization toolkit for Java that allows you to create
localized applications easily and fast.


Includes Java’s GUI system to allow for an easy and intuitive user experience.
Supports languages that include many more than those supported by Java’s built in facilities.
Automatically detects the language of a piece of text.
Has a simple plugin model that allows for the addition of new languages or plugins.
Supports all language combinations Google supports, and can autodetect which language the source text was written in.
Has a small footprint (a few megabytes) and is easy to install and use.


The plugin system is simple. To use a plugin, simply add the plugin into your “plugins” directory. All that is needed is a Java source file with a main method. No other files are needed.
The source files will then be compiled and can be used as desired.
Some plugins are already included.


To install Goot, simply unpack the goot-all.zip archive to your
plugins directory.
After unzipping, type:
javac -classpath goot-all.jar *.java
java -classpath goot-all.jar Goot
This will compile all the source files and create the Goot application in a new folder “plugins”.
Now, double click on the Goot application to start using it.
After starting Goot, press “Ctrl + Space” to activate its hotkeys.

Source: goot Documentation, Goot Plugin Examples


Using Translator.NET ( it is possible to automatically translate by posting the source and destination strings. For instance, you can post “Hello, World!” in English and the application will return “Salve, Mundi!”, which is the result of translating “Hello, World!” into Italian.

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An easy to use CD creator app
– more than 50 different file types can be added to your cd
– no need to re-encode the original data
– ability to combine multiple sources into one cd
– a new Step By Step file selection process (no Browse function)
– a simple drag and drop function to select files
– new background and cover art mode
– support for multiple images and subfolders
– burning of data/audio cds as well as CD-R/DVDs
– support for “Open Folder”
– support for “Open Image File”
– support for “Open Folder”
– ability to burn cds with audio/data cds
– ability to erase cds
– ability to burn to a different disc size
– ability to choose the number of copies you want
– ability to name the discs
– ability to add subtitles
– new preview window
– ability to create a password protected cd (This password will be asked every time you want to open a burned cd)
– ability to set a default filename for new burned cd’s
– ability to choose a custom image for the back cover of the cd
– time limit: You can select a time limit for the burn process
– ability to extract audio cds
– ability to extract audio cds without iso image
– ability to extract video cds
– ability to extract video cds without iso image
– ability to extract dvds
– ability to write image to cd
– ability to write image to cd without iso image
– ability to remove all files from the cd (but not the cd itself)
– ability to create new folders
– ability to rename the cd (otherwise it will be called by its name)
– ability to export the folder structure as a source
– ability to extract files without overwriting existing files
– Ability to set metadata for each file (otherwise all metadata are overwritten)
– ability to rename each file
– ability to choose the disc size
– possibility to create a blu-ray disc
– possibility to create a dvd-r disc
– possibility to create a dvd-r disc with cover art
– possibility to select the cover art from the iso image
– possibility to create a dvd menu
– possibility to burn to one of the following cds: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R
– possibility to select from the following


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