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The key macros can be used to provide short-cuts for popular commands in Visual Studio. You can use the key macros to provide a visual cue, that allows you to perform a selected action in the editor. A ‘keymacro’ is a macro that can be accessed using the keyboard. The keymacro named “Keymacro1” can be used to replace the ‘Ctrl + P’, ‘Ctrl + R’ and ‘Ctrl + U’ keyboard shortcuts with corresponding text-editing actions.
To activate the keymacro named “Keymacro1”, use the keymacro’s short-cut key to assign it to the keyboard. For example, if you assign the short-cut key “Ctrl + P”, to the keymacro “Keymacro1”, then you can access the macro with the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + P”. This functionality is provided by the “Keymacro1” keymacro. To remove the keymacro named “Keymacro1” from the keyboard, use the “Delete” key, or another key that doesn’t represent a valid keymacro, or move the keymacro’s short-cut key to the system-default button.
What does this macro do?
The following text is displayed in the status bar of the editor when you use “Keymacro1” or other keymacro to execute a command. The text can be used to tell you more about what the keymacro is used for, or to highlight where you typed the keymacro.
Displayed text:
Additional information:
More about this macro:
Download link:
All macros are accessible by pressing F1 (on Windows, and fn+F1 on OS X, Linux,…). You can navigate through the macros by using the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard, or the “Next” and “Prev” buttons on the navigation bar. For more information, see Options / Keyboard.
I’m not sure if it is possible to provide a “Next” and “Prev” button on the navigation bar. If the number of available macro keys is too small, it would be a problem if the navigation bar is not accessible.
Keymacro Features:
The following items are listed in the file options dialog:
Display the file and line number:
Display the selection:
What does this macro do?
This macro allows you 70238732e0

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Install application to users’ computers after user has installed the application.
Install time:
Install time is the time to be taken while the computer install the application.
Rollback time:
This indicates the time taken to roll back the installation.
Size of installer:
This indicates the size of the installation package.
Host operating system:
This shows the operating system of the computer on which the application is installed.
This indicates the application to be installed.
Application description:
This shows the description of the application to be installed.
Package location:
This specifies the package path.
In order to know more about the features offered by Savage Fly Install Time, check the features page.

Having a more efficient application installer will make your application more valuable, and faster to be delivered to the public. Savage Fly Install Time has shown us that it is possible to make this happen, and it seems to be the right solution to end the problems that come from the current one.

The usual setup process has a large size, and a large amount of data can be transferred. It is a big disadvantage for users who need to have a small and leaner installer, that is not difficult to transfer to the user.
Thanks to Fast Mac Bundle Uninstaller you can get your hands on a solution for this situation. This new tool allows you to create and uninstall a bundle as fast as possible, with the minimum of files.
What is a bundle?
A bundle is a little more complex than a simple application, because it includes a lot of files in its installation package. The most common bundles are mobile applications, with an Apple app, and a Microsoft app inside.
The thing is that in most cases, Mac OS X comes with a different bundle to each application, and the only thing to get rid of this would be to re-install the application. This is a problem if you don’t want to re-install the application every time you need it, because you need to have the original bundle installed.
However, with Fast Mac Bundle Uninstaller you can get rid of the installed bundle, and you can create a new one, with just the application that you are using.
How does it work?
The installer you have installed is a bundle, and when you uninstalled it, it also uninstalled everything that came with it. So, to start this tool, you need to know which bundle is your main bundle. To do this, select the application


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