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this file is the v2.0 update of the 3dm datafile and crack created by hj and a few more people. this file contains 3dm changes between version v1.9 and v2.0. it also contains a.cr2 file that is the crack, a.dll file that loads the crack, and the.epub that renders the game for ebook readers. some of the changes are cosmetic and in the small categories, so i do not explain them in the readme or for the release. most of the changes are technical and are listed below in the order that they appear in the.epub.
this is the code the crack the game. if you look at the zip file for the crack, it is in the dll section. there are many functions that are commented out in the code. the comments describe the purpose of each function. many functions have comments that explain a new feature. i suggest reading the comments. for this reason, i would not do a binary search, or try to fix it, because the function names change, so a code search would work better. the zip file contains a few of the functions that are not in the 3dm. a gunzip and unzip is the same.
i am very proud of 3dmgame-grand-theft-auto-v-update-2-and-crack-3dm.epub. i had no problems with it from the beginning. it has reduced the conversion time from 10 hours to 4 hours. also, i have fixed many problems as the book itself. i have also added a large amount of new weapons and weapons for each character. this should allow for a variety of strategies and tactics.
this file is available for free use as long as it is non-profit. the software that has produced this file can be found at: http://www.darkroom-tech.de for more information about the title “3dmgame-grand-theft-auto-v-update-2-and-crack-3dm.epub” please visit: http://www.3dmgametaxi.nl