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The library includes classes for XML configuring, basic date handling and time handling, maps, formatters, classes for handling files and directories, I/O stream processing, URL handling, miscellaneous, and general purpose string handling.
For XML file configuration, the library includes custom ElementNameProvider, Locator, StandardNamespace, and FileValidator to help users who work on projects using the Java API.
The library is also wrapped in a very small package, taking up little disk space.
For date handling, the library includes YearMonthDay for dates without time, YearMonthDayInterval for date ranges without time, and the “use” method for compatibility.
It also includes classes for handling files and directories. For example, it can convert any strings to file names compatible with the OS, get the head or tail of files, create folder structures, and generate folder structures based on time. It also includes miscellaneous classes, like the sleeper, the pipeline, the long unique ID generator, text encryptor and decryptor, and classpath, directory and jar searching.
And for URL handling, the library includes classes for mutable links, setting and retrieving query parameters, normalizing URLs, and customizing URL streaming settings.
And to help users of the library, the library includes collections of classes used in various applications, such as OSM.
Apart from these, the library also includes its own configuring classes, such as XmlConfigReader, XmlConfigWriter, DateConfigReader, DateConfigWriter, DirectoryConfigReader, DirectoryConfigWriter, MapConfigReader, MapConfigWriter, FileConfigReader, FileConfigWriter, BooleanConfigReader, BooleanConfigWriter, IntegerConfigReader, IntegerConfigWriter, FileListConfigReader, FileListConfigWriter, FileSizeConfigReader, FileSizeConfigWriter, DateRangeConfigReader, DateRangeConfigWriter, LongConfigReader, LongConfigWriter, FloatConfigReader, FloatConfigWriter, FileListConfigReader, FileListConfigWriter, FileContentConfigReader, FileContentConfigWriter, StringConfigReader, StringConfigWriter, FileListConfigReader, FileListConfigWriter, MapConfigReader, MapConfigWriter, QueryConfigReader, QueryConfigWriter, LongConfigReader, LongConfigWriter, FloatConfigReader, FloatConfigWriter, StringConfigReader, StringConfigWriter, FileContentConfigReader, FileContentConfigWriter, FileListConfigReader, FileListConfigWriter, MapConfigReader, MapConfigWriter, QueryConfigReader, QueryConfigWriter, eea19f52d2


PIR (Portable Interactive Recursive) is a light-weight application that allows you to create lists with files and folders. It does not modify your Windows registry and is easy to use. The software is portable and can be installed in any part of your hard drive or on a removable drive. In addition, the utility lets you create lists without any file and folder scanning. It can create a list from any folder of your hard disk or network server, or from any FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or Amazon S3 location. PIR is a free download from Portable Apps Store.

IReader Viewer is a handy tool for previewing the Windows Registry. It offers simple, compact, and comprehensive views of the registry. The program provides a detailed summary of each registry item. The software supports Windows 8 as well as Windows 7 and has a very simple and intuitive GUI.
IReader Viewer is a useful tool for analyzing the Windows Registry. This utility provides a detailed registry view and summary. You can filter the registry by groups and categories, to obtain the values you want. It supports Windows 8 as well as Windows 7.

AirdroidX is an easy to use and powerful tool for managing your WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, LINE, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Gmail, Telegram, and Facebook account messages. Also it can send SMS from the application to any phone number. It also comes with a versatile contact manager.

Liaison is an app that will allow you to manage your contacts and have a central repository of all your contacts including their phone numbers, address, email, IM, and social accounts.
It will automatically generate and maintain your contact card, phonebook, and addressbook.
With the addition of automated SMS (Text) sending, your contacts can be easily shared with family, friends, and co-workers.
With Liaison, you can easily find your contacts and share them.
With its detailed information, Liaison is the perfect tool for finding the contact and sharing it instantly with friends and family.

Ultimate Ringtones Pro makes it easy to create and save custom ringtone files for Android smartphones.
The application allows you to design ringtone files in a very easy way, it supports format such as mp3, wav, aac, 3gp, m4a, aiff, and asf.
It provides a wide array of customization options for ringtones, including voice, custom message, vibrate,