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* Efficient browser:
1. Access Speed: 9.38MB per second.
2. Convenient URL: Enjoy high speed access to the content you want without the hassle of adding and editing the URLs.
* Connect to the web:
1. Save the bookmarking of URLs for later reference.
2. Share the URLs you like with your friends and followers.
* Optimized for Memory Usage:
1. Automatic pre-loading of cache before opening the URL.
2. Browse the web quickly, because WebScape is less taxing on the computer than other browsers.
* Highly effective:
1. Plug-in free for our users.
2. The user can access the HTML5 website without having to update to the latest version of the browser.

Searches for domain names that have been marked as being for sale. Search results can be displayed as a list of domains with one or more names, with the names displayed in the order that the domains have been found. Enter a website address to search for domain names matching this address. Enter your search query to search for a particular domain name. The domain checker does not verify whether a domain is for sale or is available for registration. It only gives a general idea about the domain name’s status. If you are interested in a particular domain name, you should register it, contact the registrar or contact the owner of the domain name.

StopSite search engine is a fast domain name search engine. It provides you with a complete list of domain names currently for sale on major online domains markets like Sedo, Domain International, 123-reg and many others. StopSite also provides you with detailed information about domain names, such as about who currently owns the domain name, when the domain name was registered, price information, etc. It also provides you with a dedicated live search engine, which allows you to get live results from the world’s top domain name auctions.

Otto.com is a search engine that provides results for the simple keyword search. Search results may be displayed in the form of a list of domains or as a graph that shows results for the domain as the line graph and the percentage of domains that contain the specified keyword as the dots on the line graph. The domain checker does not verify whether a domain is for sale or is available for registration. It only gives a general idea about the domain name’s status. If you are interested in a particular domain name, you should register it, contact 84e02134c1

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Professional Renamer is a powerful Windows utility that allows you to rename multiple files and folders at once. It works on all Windows operating systems, which means that you can rename all of your important documents, music, pictures, or other files just by clicking a single button.
The program is really easy to use. You can either simply drag and drop files into the program window or use your mouse to highlight multiple items to be renamed and then press the Rename button. The software will then instantly rename the files and ask you for the new names.
You can also select multiple files or folders in the program’s main window and perform one of the following tasks:

– Rename all of the selected files or folders in one go, using a convenient drop-down box.

– Define how the new names should look. You can choose from 8 different options, including different text styles, line endings, and capitalization.

– Change the current file or folder name, including the path.

– Determine how the new names should be handled (e.g. how many decimals should be displayed).

– Specify if the software should perform an automatic renaming or ask you for a new name every time it runs.

– Set a specific folder or directory to be kept in the memory and displayed automatically on all files.

– Make the newly assigned names automatically sort alphabetically, change case, use file extensions or delete the extensions from the names.

– Edit all the selected files and folders in the same way you would in a word processor. You can edit the source name by removing symbols, find and replace text, change the text’s format (lowercase, uppercase, capitalization) and so on.

– Create automatic filters, import and export them and store them to disk so that you can use them again at any time.

– Specify the new name of the parent folder and apply it to all the selected files and folders.

– Set the number of items that the software should be able to remember in the list of files and folders.

– Set the look and feel of the program’s user interface. You can choose between two themes: light and dark.

– Specify the specific location where the program should save the renamed files or folders.

– Automatically check for updates, import, export and backup the filters and create and manage shortcuts.

– Load the last working directory from


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