Synchronization can be used for tracking the progress of a task (or multiple tasks) to achieve results that are based on a set of criteria (or multiple criteria).
Sync Framework offers a great deal of flexibility and the ability to make synchronization work with data that is stored in SQL Server, SQL Azure, XML databases, and other kinds of stores. It also makes using data from other applications and devices such as other data sources, mobile phones, and desktop applications much easier.
Примеры применения Sync Framework:
Режим доктрины для синхронизации.
Синхронизация с БД.
Синхронизация с документацией.
Синхронизация программ.
Режим для отладки.
Начало применения Sync Framework.
Запуск синхронизации.
Установка модулей вместе со всеми дополнительными поддержками.
Начало получения ссылок на установленные модули.
Предусмотрена поддержка синхронизации во многих браузерах и упр 93076646e9

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A free macro recorder that stores sequences of actions (keystrokes) and texts, for later playback. This software is a great tool for learning and practicing keyboard shortcuts in Windows. KEYMACRO is easy to use and also fun, which will help you learn shortcuts faster and better. With KEYMACRO you can record your own Keyboard Shortcuts.
Key Macro Widget and Key Macro Window
The Key Macro Widget allows you to record keystrokes as images and text. The Key Macro Window shows the recorded macros in a tree format. The macro name, description, recording time and the possibility of recording text are easily accessible in the Key Macro Window. By pressing the “Record Macro” button you start the recording process, and with a double click on any menu, the keystroke to be recorded is performed.
Key Macro Settings
You can set the length of the recording in seconds. When you’re done with the macro you press “Play Macro” and it is played back in the Key Macro Window. You can increase or decrease the duration of the recording with the left and right arrow buttons. The “Record Macro” button will switch back to “Pause” when the recording is finished.
The Key Macro Settings window allows you to change the keyboard shortcuts settings:
There is a toolbar with buttons for switching between Windows (Alt+Tab), focusing on the currently active window (Ctrl+Tab) and switching to the first open window (Ctrl+Shift+Tab)
You can choose the color scheme, hide the dialog window and define a hotkey for the dialog.
When you are finished with your changes you press “Ok”, which will save your changes to the Key Macro Settings window.
Save Key Macro
When you are finished with recording your keystrokes you press “Save Key Macro” and you’re done. You can now press the “Play Macro” button to play back the keystrokes.
Playback of the recorded macros
When you press the “Play Macro” button it will start to play back the macro. When you stop the playback of the macro it will return to the previous active state. When you pause the macro it will return to the previous active state.
More Key Macro Features
You can also stop the playback by pressing “Exit Playback”. Pressing this button will return the Key Macro Widget to its initial state, i.e. there is no macro playback.
Key Macro Settings
You can also save the currently active state as a file. You can choose between