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The newest advanced windows file accelerator that comes with absolutely no errors and the ability to quickly accelerate all your documents. Unlike other advanced windows file accelerator that cannot batch accelerate all the documents, this one takes the cake with 100% solution and only works with open documents.
Unlimited work and the ability to work on multiple documents at the same time.
Works without installation.
Compatibility with Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1
Compatibility with both 64-bit and 32-bit.
KEYMACRO supports a wide range of different popular document formats. No other Mac file accelerator works with such a wide range of different documents. It reads PDF, DOC, TXT, PPT, HTML, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDB, RTF, XLS and many more file types.
Just launch the free demo and see what the difference is.
The functionality of the application is similar to the one offered by the developers of Keynote. The users can open more than one file at the same time with the support of all the keyboard shortcuts available in Keynote. All the files are opened with the option to print or not. If any file is opened by mistake, you can easily close it by pressing the “X” icon and the corresponding document will be automatically closed.
Sometimes the file can become corrupt and the users can encounter error while opening the document, but this is an exceptional error. In any case, you can safely close the file without losing any of the content. You can easily save your changes and close the file at any time. All the modifications performed in the document will not be lost even if the user closes the file. If the user forgets to save the file after all the changes, then the changes will be lost.
The most important functionality of the application is to speed up all your work by batch accelerating all your documents. You can work on more than one file at the same time with the help of the different keyboard shortcuts.
KEYMACRO is especially developed for the users of Microsoft Word.
This application is especially developed to accelerate Microsoft Word and the users can easily open multiple files with the support of all the keyboard shortcuts available in Microsoft Word. The users can easily save their work and close the file at any time and changes made in the document will not be lost even if the user accidentally closes the file.
The application automatically converts all the formats to the preferred format without losing the original content. Users do not have to worry about 70238732e0

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Keymacro is a utility to quickly import and export.NK2 files into/from Outlook. This tool will export all the information from.NK2 files into a.CSV format. It can also import data from.CSV to.NK2 format.
.CSV format files can be opened by many spreadsheet applications. For example, Microsoft Excel, Access, and many others. It can also import any.CSV files into.NK2 format.
Keymacro can export any information from.NK2 into.CSV files. You can also import.CSV files into.NK2 format.
If you have any problems with this tool, feel free to use our support forums for help:

What is an NK2 file:
An NK2 file is a file type that Outlook uses to store contacts information in the following format:
Name – Phone # – E-mail – Address
If you want to export the contacts data from a.NK2 file, you should use this utility.
What is a.CSV file:
A CSV file is a text file format that is used to store information. Each row is a record. Records are separated by a comma (,). Every record has a different type of data.
If you want to import the contacts data from a.CSV file, you should use this utility.
What do I need:
To install the application:
In order to install Outlook Contacts Exporter, you need to download and install the following programs:
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2010
What do I need to run the software:
Outlook Contacts Exporter can be used to export any contacts information from your Outlook contacts, contacts groups, and address book.
If you want to import the contacts data from any CSV format files, you need the latest version of this utility.
Import/Export contacts from/to.CSV format files
Export/Import contacts from/to.NK2 format files
Specifies if the user can view the preview data before importing the contacts.
Opens a separate demo of Outlook Contacts Exporter.
Opens the.Outlook folder where you can choose the.NK2 files that you want to export/import.
If you export contacts from one.NK2 file, you cannot import them from another


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