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KeyMacro offers users the ability to create macros that can be invoked by pressing a hotkey to execute any hotkey commands or MS Windows Shortcut commands. For example, a user might create a macro that copies a file from one folder to another. To invoke this macro, a user just needs to press a hotkey, which invokes the macro. The Hotkeys for a program can be set in the Hotkeys Dialog Box that appears when the program is started. Users can add as many macros to a Hotkeys Dialog as they want. Each macro has an Executable name, a Text Line or Text Lines to be executed, and Hotkey text to be used to invoke that macro. When a user selects a macro from the Hotkeys dialog, it will be displayed in the Hotkeys dialog with “Execute” next to the macro’s name. Clicking the “Execute” button will execute the macro. The current macro is listed in the Macro dialog of the program. The user can edit the Macro by editing the Macro’s Text Line or Text Lines. A Macro can be added to the Hotkeys Dialog by right clicking on the Hotkeys Dialog, then clicking on “Add Hotkey.” A Hotkey cannot be deleted from the Hotkeys Dialog. The Hotkeys Dialog is only used when the user launches the program. In the program, users can add and remove macros by double clicking on the macro’s name in the Hotkeys Dialog.
KeyMacro is a program that allows users to create Hotkeys for multiple applications by creating macros for each application.
· Create Hotkeys for multiple programs
· Create one or many hotkeys
· Hotkey can execute any application
· Hotkey can be saved to file
· Macro can be saved to file
· Hotkey can be launched from file
· Hotkey can be edited
· Each macro has an Executable name, a Text line or Text lines to be executed, and Hotkey text
· Macro can be added to the Hotkeys dialog
· Macro can be deleted from the Hotkeys dialog
· Macro can be launched from the Hotkeys dialog
Macros can be stored in multiple text files or in single
file called “keyMacro.txt.”
· Hotkey Text can be edited and saved to file.
· Hotkeys saved to file can be launched from file.
· Hotkey Text can be removed from the Hotkeys dialog.
· Hotkey Text can be removed 70238732e0

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Save Live Mail mails into Outlook (or into another email client)
Live Mail to Outlook Transfer allows you to extract email messages from Live Mail mailboxes and save them in Outlook storage files format. The application is also capable of importing the extracted information straight to the email client, in the indicated folder.
Keymacro Interface is a Visual Basic editor for macros, used for automating the creation of Excel macros or scripts.
You can create stand-alone macros without any additional help, or use the macros created by other developers to automate your tasks.
The program can allow you to develop macros that record all actions performed on the screen, so they can be exported later as a video.
There are a variety of features for recording the actions performed on the screen:
Show the coordinates of the mouse pointer, and store them in your macro.
Show the dimensions of the screen.
You can use for recording the actions executed on the screen the event list.
You can create a macro by selecting the text written in the editor and the keystrokes.
Allow the user to see the result of a macro immediately.
It is important to note that the program does not store the data of the macros, they are stored in the registry, so make sure to save the macros after creating them.
You can also choose to play back a macro, so you can record the actions performed by a selected text, a set of conditions, or any other events that you wish to automate.
The macro can be exported to the clipboard, so you can import it into another application or directly into the script editor.
Keymacro works with Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP.
KEYMACRO Features:
Record macros
Extract macros from the registry
Export macros to the clipboard
Import macros into the script editor
Record macros in.reg files
Export macros to.reg files
Save macros in.reg files
Easily navigate with CTRL+Click and CTRL+Double Click
Save your macros in the menu: Tools > Macro
Editable text
Backspace key
Delete key
You can also use your mouse to select the text you want to edit, and then press the keymacro. Edit the text and then click on the button in the editor, or press Ctrl+Enter.
Single cell editing
Table editing
A table of functions is available for

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