Anushka Shetty Sex Story Telugu HOT! 📌


Anushka Shetty Sex Story Telugu

now anushka was turned on and she pushed all the fragarance of saffron to her tongue and put more and more kumkum in her pussy. soon she started to realize that she is already purified and now she got excited more and started to moan but the swamiji didn’t care.

now the swami started to lick her body and started to take off her cotton cloth and he touched her breasts by licking them too. soon anushka started to moan loudly and she pushed her boobs to her mouth while the swamiji on lapper. now the swamiji was feeling red hot and horny and the stretched out the of the body boobs and started to lick and play with them. as he closed in the seconds he started to finger her pussy and within a flash he cummed inside her and she cummed also and made her pussy whole wet. now he started to move his tongue on her pussy even he did the same with her boobs too. but the swamiji has reached towards top so he fucked her pussy hard and started to smear her juice on her tits and face. finally he stopped after doing all this and lay her down on the bed. with his body on her chest and ass. the swamiji got his dick into her ass and started to fuck her slowly. anushka wasn’t had any idea how he could fuck her ass so he started to play with her boobs.

so now swami took his cock in to her wet ass and started to fuck her slowly. with each thrust harder and harder. and this went on for about 45 mins and now it was time to cum. so the swami sucked her boobs and took them in his mouth and started to lick them hard and then it started to grow. once it was about to cum he started to fuck her ass harder and it was too much for anushka and she had a pleasure of the way her body fitted to the big dick of the swamiji. and swami cummed in her ass and he spurted his semen inside the pussy too.

so now this night swamiji took her to the cottage and told her to place the bucket of water and when she came back he asked her to get her bath and wear the dress. next day he told her to keep his clothes in suitcase and to keep his white clothes in chest of drawers and to keep his black clothes in the cupboard and told her to wear his wife’s dress and return back in 5 mins. and anushka was puzzled at his instructions and asked him to explain as she was not used to such things. but swamiji said she would do as he likes and he also told her if she do anything wrong in ashram she will be punished with full punishment.
the swamiji felt to control himself and asked anushka to lower her legs. she did and he put his cock into her slit and fucked her. but that did not do it he fucked her deeply and after few mins he pulled out his cock and started to shoot cum all over her body. then he said to her, dont worry dear it will not hurt and as soon as you feel any pain cum and i will stop. and sure enough, after few minutes of penetration anushka came. but just as the swamiji was ready to pull out his cock he couldnt as anushkas cum started to stop it so he continued and fucked her for sometime more then came out and fucked her a bit more and then he came out of her pussy. but still not, he fucked her for some more time and then came out and said that dont worry anushka dear, i wont hurt you today. but only after few mins of penetration he could not and withdrew his cock and left.
anushka waited for about ten minutes and then she got up and the swamiji told her to go and clean up and shower. anushka was totally happy that she was going to get raped by this holy man. and as she went she placed her legs over her shoulders and closed her eyes. but she was not allowed to dream as she was to get fucked by the swamiji. she was told to clean her area and then when she is ready for the next step. as soon as she had gone to the riverside she returned with some of her cloths and was ready for the next step. the swamiji was waiting for her, sitting on the bed and said my dear, i think u are ready now. anushka sat down in front of him and said yes sir, please fuck me. the swamiji smiled and said good, we will fuck you slowly as u take your time. he then put his cock in her. and then just as it was in anushka the swamiji fucked her for some time more and then he came out. as soon as he pulled out he could not as anushka was still cum and he was not allowed to. so he went and cleaned his cock and then he came back and fucked her. but after few mins he could not and withdrew his cock and said sorry my dear, i think u have cummed enough, dont worry, i can still give you good time. and then he started to suck her breasts. but she was enjoying so he left.