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With Keymacro, you can easily record macro-keystrokes, inject commands, monitor log keys, and automate repetitive tasks.
Keymacro is user-friendly, easy-to-use software.
You can download this software product to use it for free from
■ CPU: Pentium II 300MHz or better.
■ Memory: 200 MB RAM
■ Hard Disk: This application requires less than 5MB.
■ Monitor: SVGA with 4MB, 1024 x 768 resolution preferred.
■ Sound Card / Audio Device: 16-bit stereo, full-duplex, MS-Windows compatible.
■ 15-days trial
How to use Keymacro:
■ To record a macro keystroke, do the following:
1. Open Keymacro.
2. Click “Select Keystroke to Record”.
3. Type the macro keystroke.
4. A dialog box shows you the captured keystroke.
■ To replay a captured keystroke, do the following:
1. Click “Playback”.
2. Select the macro keystroke.
3. Click “Play”.
■ To inject a command, do the following:
1. Click “Inject Command”.
2. Type the desired command.
3. A dialog box shows you the command.
■ To monitor log keys, do the following:
1. Click “Monitor Log Key”.
2. Click a key.
3. A dialog box shows you the selected key.
4. Click “OK”.
How to change the application:
■ Open “Control Panel”.
■ Right-click “Keymacro”.
■ Select “Properties”.
■ Select “Change Settings”.
■ Click “OK”.
■ Click “Apply”.
How to run Keymacro:
■ Select “Run”.
■ Click “Run”.
■ Click “OK”.
How to unistall Keymacro:
■ Do not uninstall Keymacro.
■ Go to “Add or Remove Programs”.
■ Click “Uninstall”.
■ A window will show the computer’s list of installed programs.
■ Click “Yes” if 4f8c9c8613

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These macros are especially designed to take away the burden of tedious mouse actions that appear while editing programs with components containing keystrokes.
For example, if you want to insert a text into the document, the two macros just described will be especially helpful.
The C# version of macro:
The javascript version of macro:
Now, what does it do?
Use of the keymacro function
In the example of inserting a text (at the beginning of the document), the keymacro function was used to call the application “Edit” with the “Open” file dialog box opened and the path “C:\.doc” as the path of file to open. Then, the macro calls the “Ok” button, clicking it. The “System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox” is called and a text is shown in it. This way, the clicking of a button is replaced with a text and the ease of use is really high.
Sometimes it’s necessary to click several times the button (for example in order to accept the message box). In this case, the macro will do what we would do by hand: clicks the button, the message box shows up, accepts it, and finishes.
Also, to open a file to work on it, using the “Open” dialog box with some path is quite a pain. In order to avoid this, the macro comes to the rescue.
Use of the keymacro function:
Let’s take the example of inserting a text at the beginning of the document.
The C# version of the macro:
The javascript version of the macro:
Other types of macros can be used. Below are some examples of macros that are frequently used.
Use of the keymacro function:
Keymacro’s features
Macros are very powerful and are the secret of the power of macros. If you do not know how to use them, it may take months to become even proficient at them, and there are a lot of tricks and techniques. If you want to know how to use macros, read the documentation to the program you are using or the help function provided by that program. The more you know about macros, the more you will be able to achieve with them. If you want to learn more about them, do the following:
• Get a good book on the subject. There are a lot of good books on the subject.
• Practice with the macros that you already use. This will quickly make you a good

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