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Keymacro! is a easy to use and powerful Microsoft Windows automation solution that lets you automate virtually any Windows application or task. Keymacro! is the perfect tool for those who need to work with a computer on a regular basis, be it at work, school, or home.
Keymacro! is compatible with all versions of Windows. It runs on all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows 7. It is free to use and is available in a variety of languages.
KEYMACRO Installation:
1. Download and unzip the program on your computer.
2. Double-click on the setup.exe to install the program.
3. After the installation is complete, click on the “Start” button to launch the software.
Keymacro! is the world’s first cross-platform automation tool to perform powerful tasks on a computer. Here are a few examples of tasks you can perform with Keymacro!
1. Automatically send e-mails to your contacts in Microsoft Outlook.
2. Back up all files in selected folders of your computer to a ZIP file.
3. Browse the web through a proxy server.
4. Open multiple files at once in any program on your computer.
5. Open multiple pages in your browser at once.
6. Open multiple images in any program on your computer.
7. Open multiple files at once on a remote server.
8. Open multiple pages in any browser at once.
9. Schedule events in Microsoft Outlook.
10. Send instant messages to your contacts on AOL, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ and Jabber.
11. Get the weather forecast for up to 6 locations around the world.
12. Turn off your computer.
13. Change your desktop wallpaper.
14. Turn on your computer.
15. Watch your favorite video.
16. Play a game.
17. Play your favorite songs.
18. Play your favorite DVD.
19. Shut down your computer.
20. Start your computer in safe mode.
21. Take a screenshot.
22. Take a time-lapse video of your entire computer.
23. Type a text message and send it to someone.
24. Turn on your laptop.
25. Unzip files and delete unwanted files.
26. View and copy your computer’s registry settings.
27. View and copy your 70238732e0

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Use this program as a keyboard to communicate between 2 bluetooth enabled devices.
The sending works like a “normal” bluetooth client, the device needs to be visible for the other device to connect.
You can use the device keypad for text, numbers and symbols (eg.: * to unlock messages). Also you can use the “Blink” option to allow any connected device to set off the recive function.
The system is based on an easy to use text base engine. You can use commands and functions explained in the documentation.
There’s a permanent connection between the sending and the receiving device.
It is not possible to mute either of the devices. You can use the recive function on a mute device.
To unlock the message you need to input the proper key to unlock it.
To show the current time input the “Time” command and start typing the time.
To show the recive time input the “Time recive” command and start typing the time.

Messages can be sent by:
Input the text and enter the command “Send”.
You can use the device keypad for text, numbers and symbols.
You can use the “Blink” option to allow any connected device to set off the recive function.
The system is based on an easy to use text base engine.





The number of files in the zipped folder is the file number of the online version of this program, you can install the zipped folder and run the program offline.
The only required file for the setup of the program is the “README” file.
The program requires the latest version of BlueTooth Toolkit (
You can check the version of BlueTooth Toolkit by clicking in the “Help” menu and selecting “About BlueTooth Toolkit”.


Since BlueTooth Toolkit 7.

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