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Unlocks OptimizeXP from active screen saver and disables shutdown, hibernate and screensaver.
Apply tweaks for System
An automated utility to speed up Windows and give it the appearance of a new, faster computer.
Optimize your browser
Speed up your web browsing experience by configuring it for a high-performance, high-speed Internet.
Backup your PC
Gathers your entire registry settings, along with unwanted programs and utilities, to create a backup of your PC, allowing you to revert back to the previous configuration.
Convert your XP system
Replaces your current Windows XP system with a new version, fully optimized and tailored for maximum performance.
Lock your PC
Prevents anybody from accessing your computer and requires a password to log on.

Previously known as SuperTweakXP, Optimum XP is an optimization tool specifically designed for Windows XP users, enabling them to apply tweaks and modifications that aim to increase the overall performance of the computer.
Customize your Windows XP computer
Optimum XP is compatible with the Home, Pro or Media Center editions of Windows XP, giving you the freedom to customize the default system configuration and change registry settings so as to obtain better processing speeds, fast booting and improved memory use.
It comes with a rich array of tweaks designed to increase Windows’ performance, enhance Internet and network access speed, improve security and ensure quick and comfortable access to files and important sections.
Optimize system and increase browsing speed
Its interface comprises four different tabs, each dedicated to a specific area. There are dozens of settings you can experiment with and all you have to do is to check or uncheck a box to activate or disable one.
Optimum XP promises to provide faster CPU and RAM response, since it can prioritize tasks and unload unnecessay DLLs. One interesting function enables you to create two different processes for explorer and the desktop, so that one is not affected when the other stops working. Also, you can disable disk optimization, defragmentation and apply tweaks to menus and refresh actions in Windows Explorer.
Other features allow Optimum XP to increase browsing speed, free up system resources, disable certain services and options that might affect the system’s performance. You can also use it to disable the Universal Plug and Play function, block remote registry modifications and prevent the automatic saving of passwords, all for security purposes.
A good optimization tool for XP users
For those who are still stuck with a Windows XP computer, Optimum XP seems 384a16bd22

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Samsung Format Utility is a simple application that allows you to carry out basic formatting on Samsung devices and then view the created files and folders.

-1. Welcome
-2. Review
-3. Installation guide
-4. Frequently Asked Questions
-5. About

1. Unpack the zip file into a convenient folder, usually, C:\.
2. After unpacking, you can run Samsung Format Utility from Windows Explorer.
3. You can also drop the unzipped executable file into a root folder in the Windows PATH.
4. Click OK to execute Samsung Format Utility.

If you are using Windows 7 and Microsoft Security Essentials, you need to disable the program’s auto-protection of the program.

If the above fixes are not enough to successfully run the program, please uninstall the Microsoft Security Essentials, turn off the program’s auto-protection, and run the program again.

You do not need to have an Administrator’s account to run Samsung Format Utility.

User Reviews

by Leonardo on 2013-02-14 23:17:46

Review of File.

[Google Play] File is a nice application to format the hard drive. It is really simple to use, and the options are well explained by an automatic tutorial. One of the most interesting features of this program is the ability to get the formatting information using an application like Acronis True Image. The only weakness that this program has is the use of an improper font for displaying data written in its program. Overall, I recommend the program to people who need to format an external hard disk.

by gary on 2013-02-16 07:54:28

Review of File.

[Google Play] This is a very good program to create and edit the startup parameters of an external hard disk. If you are having problems using other programs to format the hard drive of the device, this will be your best bet. You can also use the files of a device that has been formatted with other programs and make them usable on the external device.

by Camila on 2013-02-16 12:02:59

Review of File.

[Google Play] This is a very useful program that allows you to format a external hard drive. It works like a charm with Samsung devices, and it is pretty simple to use. The only downside is that you need to be connected