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CryoSubmitter is a tool that allows you to submit multiple pages at once to web directories, and all submits are encrypted and signed with the latest hashing and paging scripts.
You can save time, and you can be sure that your web pages are submitted securely. Submissions are auto-generated, filling out web forms for you.
Do your web pages need more back links? CryoSubmitter will submit multiple links at once for you, encrypting your submissions, signing them with a key you select, and paging them.
Your links are uploaded to your site the next time you visit, for you to manage yourself.
If you are worried about different versions of browsers, CryoSubmitter will work on any browser you can think of.
CryoSubmitter Features:
Great for one off submissions.
Works for any website, they all are an image.
No limit on the number of pages you can submit, and no limit on the number of pages you can submit to the same website.
Submissions are automatically encrypted and signed.
Automatically paged, so you don’t need to worry about multiple links being on the same page.
Import your own FTP templates.
When you start using CryoSubmitter for one off submissions, you can save time and be sure of all the links being correct.
Are you worried about doing your web pages yourself, or want to save money and time? CryoSubmitter is the solution for you.

SiteID Premium is the ultimate solution for safe and easy submission of your website to all the world’s top web directories.
Our exclusive global indexing system gives you control over your submission queue, and gives you the ability to lock your files from manual editing.
The SiteID Premium version also comes with premium 1-click submission features, such as automatic file downloads, automatic paging, and automatic encryption of your files.
With SiteID Premium, you can share your files via Google Docs, upload to FTP servers, manage submissions from any internet device, and can even secure your files with the free version.
SiteID Premium gives you full control over your website submissions, and even lets you do things like secure your files with the free version.

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CryoSubmitter Crack With License Code Free Download For PC [Latest] 2022

CryoSubmitter is a Win32 application that will create several hundred semi-automatic bulk submissions to web directories including: and over 3000 others.
KEYMACRO Key Features:
• Makes bulk submissions semi-automatically for you.
• Files can be easily uploaded to and from any server.
• Easy to use and intuitive interface, complete instructions included.
• Supports very long URLs and will submits to all pages, including deep pages.
• Supports over 1000 DNS records.
• Supports http and https submissions.
• The FTP System – supports FTP over port 80 ( and the HTTP Service (
• Directory statistics for each submission.
• Automatic paging of URL’s
• Over 1000 submissions supported!
• You can also create your own custom submission form.

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CryoSubmitter Full Version Free Download [32|64bit]

Automatically submit your websites to up to 3000 web directories at the same time.


I want to tell the world about CryoSubmitter – the easiest way to create back links to your website is to submit your site information to web directories.
With CryoSubmitter you can create semi-automatic submissions to over 3000 web directories.
CryoSubmitter will automatically fill submission forms for you, reducing the time it takes to submit each one. On average you should be able to acheive 60-100 submissions an hour. You’ll find that web directories will give priority over standard one way links if you provide a reciprocal link, CryoSubmitter does this with ease with a built in FTP template system which automates not only getting the back link onto your site, but also paging your links page.
Maximize your total back links overtime as the CryoSubmitter database grows rapidly, new web directories are added every month.
Automatically submit your websites to up to 3000 web directories at the same time.


MagneticAd is a simple online advertising system for businesses of all sizes. You set the ads, and MagneticAd takes care of the rest. You only pay when a customer clicks on your ad. If the customer does not click on your ad, you do not pay. If the customer makes a purchase, you do.

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Cryo is a simple, powerful web script that lets you add a Cryogenic to any website. You may think that adding a widget to your site would be easy, but not so. Cryo takes care of the difficult stuff, like storing the widget, the page reloading, cookie handling, etc.

Cryo can be used to create any number of widgets. You can create an optin form to gather emails, and once the visitor has opted in, he is taken to a page that will execute your flash based video. With Cryo you can have up to 20 concurrent users!


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What’s New in the CryoSubmitter?

CryoSubmitter is a pre-built, scalable, semi-automatic submission system for web directories. It allows you to automatically submit your website content to web directories for maximum back-links to your website.
It’s designed to minimize human interaction and dramatically increase your submission speed. Using an array of custom designed templates, CryoSubmitter can make your web directory submissions for you.
You can choose to submit your links manually or you can let CryoSubmitter do it for you. The software will fully automate the submissions using free FTP service. Your links page will be automatically generated and published as well.
Submitting your links to web directories is a key part of building back links to your website and ranking well in search engines. By using CryoSubmitter, you can submit your sites content to web directories in minutes, rather than days.
CryoSubmitter is an inexpensive way to increase the traffic to your websites by creating back links to your site.
Search engines pay more attention to back links than anywhere else.

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System Requirements:

4GB of system RAM and 8GB of free disk space are required to install and run the game.
Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 7 (32-bit) and Windows 8 (32-bit)
Windows 8.1 (64-bit) and Windows 10 (64-bit)
DirectX 11 graphics device
Web browser (Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
PlayStation 4 system requirements (will be issued

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