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D&D Interceptor can intercept drag & drop and copy & paste actions performed through Explorer or My computer and show a window with the option to cancel the operation.
This can be useful in situations where users inadvertently drag & drop folders and cannot locate them afterwards. With D&D Interceptor, you can rest assured that an accidental mouse click won’t move your files randomly.
D&D Interceptor can also create a log file with information about who moved, copied, deleted, created or renamed folders.

Note: D&D Interceptor is free for private and individual use, educational and non-profit
organizations. For commercial & government use, you must purchase the application.



D D Interceptor [April-2022]

D D Interceptor Incl Product Key [April-2022]


D D Interceptor Patch With Serial Key

What’s New in the D D Interceptor?

DROPBOX is an ideal backup tool for Windows users. It automatically manages your data in an encrypted folder on your computer. It can create subfolders and backup your personal files.

– Standard shortcut creation
– Easy to operate
– Auto backup
– Encrypted file transfer
– AES-256 encryption
– Startup/shutdown
– Easy file search and management
– Automatic file deletion
– Easy to configure
– Easy to update
– User-friendly and Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 compatible
– Keep your important files safe

To run DROPBOX on your computer, you must first download the application on your computer. Download the latest update in the section “Updates” on the upper menu. After installation, you must select “Create shortcut” to create a shortcut. You can then right-click the shortcut and select “Open/Run” to start DROPBOX.
If the shortcut doesn’t work, you can run the application directly by double clicking the DROPBOX.exe file on your computer. To run the application, you must select “Open/Run” and select “Always open this app”, “Always use this app” or “Default”.
If you want to change the default behavior, you can select “Default behavior” in the “Start” menu.
After DROPBOX has been installed on your computer, it will create a shortcut to your Desktop. You can also create shortcuts to any folder you like. This is the perfect solution if you want to quickly locate your data and easily backup your files.

Version 1.6.5:
– Added the option to clean the CACHE folder.
– Fixed the bug that was causing some users to lose the first folder in the
ENTRY list when using the built-in file browser.
– Fixed the bug that was causing the program to fail if there were too many files in
the folder.
– Various improvements to make the application run faster.

Version 1.6.4:
– Fixed the bug in the built-in file browser.
– Changed the design of the shortcut to more resemble the application.
– Improved the icons.
– Changed the link buttons to be located on the left side.
– Added the option to change the target location to be the drive/volume
where the application is installed.

Version 1.6.3:
– Fixed the bug that was causing the program to stop working after the
application was closed.
– Added the option to modify the icon.
– Changed the icons of the toolbars and menu.
– Added the option to configure where the program will be installed.
– Improved the appearance of the application.
– Added the option to search for a specific folder.

Version 1.6.2:
– Added the option to

System Requirements For D D Interceptor:

Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10
1 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
800 MB free space
DirectX® 9.0 or higher
800 MB free space


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