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With CMX Software HD you can view and control your IP cameras in real time from a single application. You can configure, monitor and manage IP cameras and/or IP cameras with a Network Video Recorder, gain access to all alarms and view real time recordings of all IP cameras using your Mobile phone or Tablet.
The main advantage of using CMX Software HD is that it is possible to access all IP cameras, alarms and recordings from one single application, which saves you a lot of time and efforts.
CMX Software HD is fully integrated with the SNMP MIBs of many IP camera vendors such as Microsoft Windows and Linux. Most IP cameras support both standard video format and encrypted video format. If your camera is not supported you can still use a Network Video Recorder.
CMX Software HD provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which allows you to configure, monitor and manage your IP cameras easily. In addition to that, CMX Software HD offers support for all standard video formats such as MJPEG, H.264 and MPEG-4.
CMX Software HD is multi platform, so you can control your cameras on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android OS. On iOS and Android you can view the live feed on your mobile device. You can start or stop a video recording with your phone. You can also download the recorded files to your mobile device or to your personal computer.
CMX Software HD Features:
Monitor – The main function of the software is to visualize the camera(s) connected to it. You can view the video feed live, playback recorded video or download recorded video.
View Real Time – By using this function you can view the camera from the point of view of the camera itself (the exact video source). It means that you can watch the video feed or you can download it and watch it on your computer or mobile phone.
Alarms and Events – The software can notify you about any specific event that occurs in your camera. CMX Software HD can notify you about face detection, motion, or any other event that occurs in your camera.
General settings – You can change the camera settings, such as the date and time, resolution, audio playback, mirroring, video source, etc.
File management – The software can assist you in managing your videos. It can transfer your video recordings to your personal computer or mobile phone. You can download recorded videos to your PC, iPad, iPhone or Android device.
System requirements
Operating system: Windows eea19f52d2


Mr.Who is a web search engine that runs on the Google platform. The whole point of the app is to make finding the info you need a quick and easy task. Unlike other similar apps, Mr.Who will offer you a huge number of domains, hundreds of thousands, in fact. It’s for this reason that Mr.Who stands out in a crowd, and it doesn’t help that it’s one of the better applications you will ever come across.
Mr.Who Domain Info:
The name of the app refers to how users make searches through the unique number of domains it offers. They are written as Mr.Who, hence the name. The app supports all of the most common subdomains, and the number of different servers it uses is enormous. Some of these domains include: info, us, ca, uk, net, org, com, name, travel, and more. You should also know that the app doesn’t have any limitations and that it can be used on any device you want.
Mr.Who Web Domain Tracker:
Mr.Who provides users with the opportunity to track their searches and create a history. The idea behind this feature is to make sure that nothing is lost, because all search results need to be saved in a dedicated text document. The app allows you to save all results to a single file, or in multiple files. There are no options for creating history in the application, so you need to manually start saving your results, which is no easy feat.
Mr.Who Features:
Mr.Who is a simple to use application that offers a wide number of tools to make your job easier. You can easily check Google’s cached page for any URL, ping a site with a single click, check the internet connection status, and view the result in an efficient and user friendly way. The app is compatible with all mobile devices running Android 2.1 and higher.
Mr.Who Pros:
Mr.Who offers an impressive number of tools, all of which are easy to use.
Mr.Who Cons:
Mr.Who isn’t a very useful application, and it’s not like other web-based search apps, because there is no way to search any of the additional domains.

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