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Customize just about everything about your note
Once you have launched the app, a note will be displayed on your desktop, and you can resize and move it freely. Anything you type is saved in the root folder automatically, so you don’t need to worry about losing important information.
The default font can be replaced with any other that is to your liking, and you can also change the text and background color. Additionally, the application allows you to create bullets and numbered lists, alter text size and use the bold, italic, underline and strike-through styles.
Pretty impressive feature set, but it is not quite perfect
Aside from using text, DesktopNote also enables you to paste image content. However, it is a bit difficult to resize particularly large pictures.
When moving a note to the edge of the screen, it is docked automatically; you can then access it at any time by simply moving the mouse cursor over its location.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to create more than one note at a time. Should you need to create to-do lists for multiple projects, this could prove to be an issue.
Semi-portable app that stays out of your way
The application stores all note data in the root folder, so you can move the directory anywhere else, even to another PC, without losing any information. However, not all of your settings will be carried over.
Unlike the Windows Sticky Notes app, this program is not displayed in the taskbar, making it remarkably unobtrusive.
All in all, DesktopNote is a well-designed application that only needs a few small improvements. It offers a host of customization options, but it could use a couple of additional features, along with a modernized UI.

I wanted to create an IOS game, and give the players a pen to write messages (sticky notes) to the game creators. It was my idea to offer a new era for the Cuso stick notes, the first being the game history.

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DesktopNote Crack+ Free Download

Create, manage, share and edit notes. Preserve the text by inserting text at the cursor position and paste it to other parts of the text. Open HTML files. Save an image to the image list and paste it to notes. Personalize the app with themes. Mute the volume keys and add shortkey macros for quick notes. Themes are easy to install and configure. Sticky notes. “Stickies” are a perfect way to collect notes that can be easily found and redisplayed. You can use pictures, text or a mix of both to keep your notes more interesting. “Live Sticky” saves notes in your history list. “Live Sticky” means that when you open it, the most recently created notes are available and you can quickly insert text or pictures to them. Notes to text converter. Import, export and convert notes to text files. Converting the notes to text files will allow you to send them as mails, convert them to.txt files or edit them. Notes archive. Notes, images and text can be organized in the archives. Transfer notes from one archive to another. If a note is deleted, it will remain in the notes archive. You can restore notes from the archives and search the notes to find them. Notes manager. Manager notes, images, text and notes in a nice and orderly way. Search by keywords, pictures, text and notes and manage the archive. Users can be added and other users can remove them. You can configure the app to always start when Windows starts. Use a timer to remind you of the notes that have to be done. Synchronize with iCloud. Notes can be synchronized to the iCloud account. Notes sync can work automatically. When receiving an email, the note associated with the email is automatically added to the notes application. Images, text and notes can be searched and sorted. Sort by tags. Organize notes by tags. You can add notes with tags to a category. Add tags to notes and remove them. You can also edit notes and add tags to images and notes. Date and time editing. The date and time can be automatically saved to notes. You can change the time and date of notes and images. You can have a note start at the date and time specified. You can also specify the time and date of notes and images. Reminder. You can set alarms in the app. You can set reminder in the app to remind you to perform tasks. You can make notes to reminder. Notes can be deleted or have an

DesktopNote With Keygen [Mac/Win]

DesktopNote is a free lightweight note-taking program that you can use to jot down thoughts or ideas, create a simple to-do list, or simply make some notes. The program allows you to create multiple notes on the desktop, which can be moved around freely.
⚙️ In the desktop note list, you can sort notes in any order you want.
⚙️ You can also add tags to notes and sort them accordingly.
⚙️ You can create a new note by typing anything.
⚙️ You can highlight important words in notes to make it easy to find them again.
⚙️ You can also mark any word in a note as a quote.
⚙️ You can edit the color, text, background, font size, and style of the text in notes.
⚙️ You can format the bullet list in notes in any way you want.
⚙️ You can also create numbered lists in notes.
⚙️ You can link notes and add links to URLs.
⚙️ You can paste images or any other content directly into notes.
⚙️ You can use the clipboard to paste text or images from other apps.
⚙️ You can print notes in any format supported by your printer.
⚙️ You can also choose the location where you want to store notes.
⚙️ You can customize the appearance of the desktop note list and note title with themes.
⚙️ You can store notes in the root directory or in any other directory you want.
⚙️ You can paste notes in any program you want.
⚙️ You can also read notes in any program you want.
⚙️ You can add a sticky note on any window.
⚙️ You can pin notes to the taskbar.
⚙️ You can share notes with other people.
⚙️ You can also create notes by email.
⚙️ You can search notes in any way you want.
⚙️ You can also organize notes by their tags.
⚙️ You can sort notes by their tags.
⚙️ You can create a note from any program.
⚙️ You can also open a note from any program.
⚙️ You can also create a new folder on the desktop.

What’s New in the DesktopNote?

System Requirements For DesktopNote:

OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8, 10
CPU: Quad core processor
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible graphics hardware
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 25 GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card and speakers
Additional Notes: Windows Defender may need to be disabled to run in Compatibility Mode.
OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7,

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