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This is a complete and easy to use tool to watch internet radio stations.It has a clear and easy to use graphical interface.It is fully compatible with Windows.More on TheRadioPlayer:This application is a radio streaming player with ability to set channels via URL.The program can search for a radio station on the web and launch an embedded player.On launch, the player receives the URL from the radio station.The player will then request and receive the streams of the selected radio station.

Features:*Select a radio station from a huge database of radio stations.*Selection of internet radio stations via URL.*Ability to configure the player window.*Ability to set channels via URL.*Option to set input line-in or USB microphone.*Download stations and cache plays.*Embedded player into internet explorer.*Ability to limit downloads.*Download stations from internet or a local directory.*Play from playlists.*Transfer music and podcasts from internet stations to mobile devices.*Select station via ID3 tags.*Filter stations by language.*Manual web browsers integration.*Ability to filter stations by country.*Export stations with podcasts, music, and cover art.*Scrobble stations.*General statistics on all stations.*Support for jukeboxes.*Ability to drag and drop stations into the playlist.*Select music and podcasts from internet stations.*Option to set Playlist name and save them as Playlist.*Rename stations.*Save stations as playlists.*Support for syncing playlists.*Support for playlists for multiple stations.*Selection of local stations via GPS.*Support for Airplay.*Ability to configure the application parameters.*Ability to lock the application.*Ability to unlock the application from the taskbar.Download

As to be expected, the features list is pretty comprehensive for a free internet radio application.

What’s new in this version

To read the changelog, see the release notes for this version.

Mar 25, 2017

Version [Build 20]

New Features:*Option to select a station with a specific artist. *Option to select stations from a playlist with a specific artist. *Option to select stations with a specific album. *Option to select stations from a playlist with a specific album. *Support for a number of platforms.*Ability to set different station background colors for each country.*Ability to set the album art.*Add stations directly from the playlist with the selected artist.

*Option to add songs from the internet to the current playlist.

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Encrypt Text within Images is a small software application whose purpose is to help you hide private text messages within images. The processed photos look the same as any other pictures stored on your computer so they do not raise suspicions to other users.
The photos that contain hidden messages can be opened with the same dedicated viewers as before, transferred via email, or printed. The concealed information does not appear in the target image.
Interacting with the GUI
Encrypt Text within Images reveals a simple design that incorporates only a few configuration settings. The tool also shows some handy tips about how to make the most out of its features when you open the main window. In addition, you can rely on tooltips for finding out more details about the configuration process. Tooltips are revealed each time you hover your mouse cursor over a specific parameter.
Conceal private messages within pictures
The application offers you the possibility to import images using only the built-in browse button (the drag-and-drop support is not implemented). Plus, you can preview both the original and processed photos directly in the main window.
Encrypt Text within Images works with JPG, BMP, and GIF file format. What’s more, you are allowed to enter the encrypted message directly in the main window or paste the information from the clipboard, password-protect the file, as well as save the processed image to BMP file format on your computer.
In order to decrypt the text message you need to import the target picture and specify the correct password. Tests have pointed out that Encrypt Text within Images carries out a task quickly and without errors. It is quite friendly with system resources so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.
Final remarks
To sum things up, Encrypt Text within Images comes packed with several handy and basic features for helping you encrypt text messages within images, and can be handled by beginners and professionals alike. have is a rifle, you’re dead meat.” “So how do we get out of here?” “You don’t.” “Didn’t you hear what it said?” “Are you blind?” “You have to get us out of here.” “You gotta try.” “Maybe it didn’t mean it.” “Don’t be such a wuss!” “It’s got what it wants.” “Nothing we do will change that.” “Besides, even if we get out of here, it’s not like we can leave.” “Where is it, anyway?” “Probably lost, injured.” “We’ll

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