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The Backgrounds come with a choice of two image sets: Christmas and Summer. Both sets contain 1024 High Resolution (True Color) images. The Christmas Backgrounds are Christmas-themed, and contain snow, Christmas trees, lights, Christmas presents, Santa Claus, Christmas stars, holly leaves, Christmas bells, candles, stars and wreaths. The Summer Backgrounds are more relaxing and contain a country landscape. They contain grass, pine trees, sun, clouds, trees, flowers, birds, forest leaves, fireflies, fields, cottages and stones.

Also included are the following: several desktop widgets to put you in the mood of this theme; a useful set of keyboard shortcuts to make your experience even more pleasant; a ringtone generator for your phone.

You will also find plenty of icons to customize your computer and put the finishing touches to your desktop.

2. UN-PatchSoft HD Wallpaper

If you are looking for HD wallpaper on your Windows 7, you should use this superb wallpaper collection.

Two kind of screens are supported: 1280×1024 and 1920×1080.

To make your desktop look more luxurious, the background images come with background shading.

The desktop wallpaper manager will ask you to select the theme and quality of the wallpaper you would like to use.

It is able to automatically change your desktop wallpaper or you can edit any of the desktop wallpaper using the wallpaper editor tool.

It also includes an unlimited number of backgrounds for your enjoyment.

KEYMACRO Features:

Download and manage HD wallpapers.

High quality HD wallpapers.

2. Crash Test

This HD wallpaper package is not only a good wallpaper pack, but also a good one for those people who like to play games and watch HD movies.

It comes with a set of wallpapers for high definition 1920×1080 screens. It also includes two HD screen packs: one of 1280×1024 and the other of 1440×900.

There are four themes included: 12×7, Original, Splash Screen and Window.

The background comes in two sizes: full size (1920×1080) and regular size (1280×720).

You can choose the color of your desktop wallpaper.

KEYMACRO Features:

It comes with 12 high definition screen packs.

HD wallpaper for Windows 7 with different sizes, that you can download at any time.

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AptiQuiz is a straightforward and accessible application designed to offer a fast and easy way of creating, modifying and managing various types of quizzes, along with the option to test and grade them. It also features secure authentication, which lets you choose who has access to them, and question randomization.
It’s wrapped in an intuitive and minimalistic layout displaying individual functions, such as user administration, test related options, and student score tracking. There is a limit of up to 500 questions, and supports standard types queries, like true/false, yes or no, fill-in-the-blanks, and multiple choice.
Design tests with unique inquiries
When the program is started for the first time, it asks to set the main administrator account by inputting an username and password. Once it’s done, from the first tab you can add and manage all the users and their privileges. Some of them are the option to review the results, make and edit exams, or take a test unattained.
The next step is designing a new quiz by typing in a relevant title, description, and optional instructions. A new window is displayed for you to write as many questions as you need, set the worth points and type, along with the possible and correct answers. The evaluation is saved as an AQ1 file format.
Give your questionnaire a tryout and view grades
In order to run it, you have to access the Administer tab, select it from the list and choose who is taking the test. Plus, the app lets you set how many questions should be asked, a timer, enable navigation controls, as well as reveal the score at the end, along with the correct response when the answer is wrong.
For security reasons, once the test is finished, the tool logs you off. You can easily see the results for each student in a basic list with information, such as username, date, percentage score, and the title of the quiz.
Taking everything into account, AptiQuiz is a reliable and user-friendly program that helps you to create, edit and run different evaluations, as well as manage the users information, access and grades.



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