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“Write What You Know” is an app that utilizes real-time feedback to help writers build strong characters, support plot development, and structure their stories.

This app is designed to help you build a solid foundation for storytelling so that you can develop a plot that will resonate with the audience.

A real-time feedback system built into “Write What You Know” lets you get immediate and targeted feedback from other users based on your writing.

Your feedback can be used to help you build stronger characters, plan your storyline, and improve your writing skills.

“Write What You Know” is designed to be a simple, fast, and efficient writing experience that will help you develop strong characters, plot developments, and build your story in a way that will resonate with the audience.

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Write What You Know – Free

Write What You Know (version) is very helpful in writing my short story. I love the app, as the real-time feedback feature seems to really help. For one thing, I can get a lot of input from a community of readers, which helps a lot. Another thing is that there is an “editor” mode in which the app can help you to correct the most common mistakes. A good way of making a plot is to tell the plot in a narrative and turn a “novel” into a short story. Another thing is to get the basic ideas of the plot out.

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Figerty Contacts is an easy to use, feature-rich contacts manager for Windows. The program can handle contacts with and without email addresses, has support for multiple languages and allows you to quickly create, save and open a contacts list.

Not using this since 2011. I’m tired of trying to get it working in different combinations of my various devices – iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, iPod Touch and watch. I’m sure there is a way but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Hello, i’m using this app, that is, I like it a lot, however, the fact that I use only two devices, an iPad and an iPhone, I have some problems.
The first is that I can not make the search by text, and with the search button. Also, the interface on the iPad, when I tap on an option, I can not go back to the previous screen and other similar problem.
But the most important is that I want to export the address book, but not have the ability to go back and make modifications to it, after export. Any solution?

I love how easy this app is to navigate and I can keep my contacts private and not share them with my employer.

Having this app, I’m sure I will have a fantastic address book that can be used on multiple devices and supported on multiple platforms.

I love this app!!! I’m new to the Android world, but this one is awesome! I just wish it would open in the correct screen and keep the options there. Like, if I start to look at the “Backup” option, I can’t just tap the “Backup” button to get back to my contacts.

I love that you can add contacts from text, or through other options. I was looking for an app to do this, and this did the trick.

This is a must have app for those that want to have quick access to their contact list.

Great app! I have a note where I keep everything and for the most part, I’m happy with it. The only thing is that I have to open the app, select the account I want, open the contacts and then the address book.
This causes a lot of tapping and swipes. Is there any way to make it go to the contacts without having to open the contacts?

I’ve been using this app on my laptop for awhile. I use both it and Google contacts in my iPad,

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