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But to deal with it, youll need to use know-how to bestow normative value on the evidence, even if it is false. Since the evidence is false, Elgin says, one knows it is false, and this will mean that Elgin is disposed to reject it. ( 2017, p. 30)

Elgin suggests that understanding is responsible to the facts (2017, p. 27). In the final part of the book, she lays out three conditions to fulfill, in that order, in order to understand a theory:

Bearing some responsibility to the theory or to the propositions is consistent with more than just one of those conditions. Elgin focuses on condition 3, and suggests it is sometimes important to bear some responsibility to the propositions. But whatever Elgin means by bearing some responsibility, it will require an act, since bear-something-responsibility-to-the-possibilities is inadequate. Elgin suggests that this kind of understanding is at least not indifferent to the facts

The distinction between the terms knowledge and understanding provides a theoretical basis for giving a more determinate characterization of our problem with Elgin. Notice that, in the case of Elgin, understanding something requires more than knowing something. We might say that Elgin does not know but understands that the flash is not the norm.

The understanding that Stella gains does in fact lead to her becoming more appropriately epistemically committed to evolution. But it is impossible to say in what way this is because Elgins account is committed to the idea that acquirement of knowledge essentially involves epistemic commitment. This is the case because he holds that understanding is the kind of thing to which Semantics simply: it is the kind of thing that is predicated of propositions (Elgin 2013 ). Furthermore, Elgin tells us that acquiring knowledge (i.e. understanding) is a process by which one acquires propositions (i.e. truths) as part of one thing that is a belief. The uniqueness of one thing, viz. belief is precisely what allows Elgin to claim that because there are cases where acquisition of knowledge does not obviously involve overt or overt-and-weakened endorsement of the objects being known. It is in this way, that the centrality constraint on understanding is able to draw such a tight connection between truth and belief.

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