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Step into the mysterious Phantom’s world where the sense of reality has gone awry. Who does the person without any clothes actually want to be? Is there really a cure for the disease of love in the depths of the world? Immerse yourself in the world of Soul at Stake, a game with a fascinating fantasy world, and reveal the truth behind the new Phantom and her tragic life! This is the debut work of KIKU’s new fantasy world, Soul at Stake! The game follows the story of the former Gamblers “Bystander”, “Cascadilla”, and “Krampus”, as they step into another world and confront the “Phantom”, who has been lurking in the society. The story unfolds as the characters go through trials and tribulations in search of the truth, while facing the “Phantom” and her “Expert”, as well as each other. Key Features: ・ A new world with a new character, “The Phantom”, who desperately wanted to live in the world of the normal people, but was cursed by the “Time Fate”; ・ A collection of six different departments in the game, and players can freely switch between them, in addition to being able to freely use combinations of departments; ・ An atmosphere and fantasy elements that explore love and fate. From beautiful costumes to the “Silent Mode”, players can enjoy this fantasy world through various aspects; ・ New Battlesystem: New Trap System, Evasion, and Strategy-based tactics to cope with the “Phantom’s” traps and attacks; ・ Party System: Guaranteed to deliver new challenges and duels with those around you, party members will be able to change each other’s costume.■ Players’ Soul Rating ・ Each character has a Soul rating; ・ This is a stat that increases by performing actions or successfully attacking with a card; ・ The higher your Soul rating, the easier each action is to perform; ・ Players can also increase their Soul rating by opening sealed cards; ・ After the “Phantom” becomes seriously wounded, a strange monster called “The Horror” will appear, raising the player’s Soul rating at an even faster rate; ・ A large part of the game takes place on the “Dreadful Dyehouse”. Players can enjoy the new card content. (parentheses) and then fit a gamma distribution model (r = 0.27; *p*-value \


Features Key:

  • High-quality textures, superb details and polished gameplay.
  • Help trapped ghosts of fallen civilizations out of the puzzle’s deadly corridors.
  • Thousands of collected items and creatures for you to collect and challenge.
  • Over 100 levels, more to come!
  • An endless supply of traps, puzzles and boss fight. – although you can easily jump the first 10…
  • The road is blocked? Crank up the music and GoOtS VR!
  • Game Description

    Suspended between life and death, you find yourself trapped within the magical city of Fantasma. Your only goal: escape.

    But be warned, the city of Fantasma is not entirely safe! You will encounter a whole new world, capable of crushing you, but also filled with new challenges, traps and puzzles. You will encounter strange and wonderful creatures. Discover the secrets of the city, and fight the looming threat of city ghosts who seek destruction. Will you survive the shattering of your mind?

    This game is currently not optimized for mobile devices. There is a client for each platform available but the client may not support the online gaming feature.

    Our website contains information about the game’s development process.

    The game is open source.

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    Fantasma Ville With Serial Key [Mac/Win] [Latest]

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    Fantasma Ville PC/Windows

    2007.10.22 – Added Germany and New Zealand locales. 2007.10.27 – Fixed some German errors. 2007.12.21 – Added Polish localisation. 2008.01.02 – Added Czech localisation. 2008.02.17 – Polish and Czech translations improved and made consistent with the rest of the game. The game is developed by the Polish studio, H.S. Studio. The designer is Arkadiusz Ratajczak. The artists are: Michał Zykovski, Michał Melcher, Małgorzata Maslanka, Grzegorz Kłon, Marek Brzezinski and the sound-designer is Jacek Czernecki. The team originally met as a student in the University of Lódz and only later came to know that the game had been actually accepted for distribution. The game was fully funded by the grants of the Ludwik Hirszfeld Foundation and the Fundacja Rozwoju Naukowego. The profits are used to pay off the costs of publishing the game and the team’s living expenses. The designer of the game, Arkadiusz Ratajczak, suggests that there’s also a sequel which would not only “deal with the story of the original game, but it would deal with the story of all its ‘children’ (at least those, which found their way to the market). […] It would be the story of the progress of the occultist’s descent from the light into the darkness, the story of the uncontrollable underground”. Plot In the distant future, the Silver and Bronze Ages came to an end, and a new era began – the Age of Iron.In this period, magicians and occultists flourished. In the end of the era, the last occultists disappeared and their knowledge was sealed in the mystical books. The only places where they can be studied now are caves and underground tombs of old towns. The Golden Age, which followed the Iron Age, was an era of commerce, learning and enlightenment. However, some occultists stayed and started to practice their arts from behind the scenes, and started to work on the system that binds all magicians and occultists. They are seeking to create and control the “Great Ordinatus”, a new, even more effective and powerful magicians. At some point, the times changed back and magical people disappeared. The


    What’s new:

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    Install Game Fantasma Ville (No Tools Needed):


    Enter Away Egg House



    System Requirements For Fantasma Ville:

    Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP with Service Pack 2, or later. The software requires either 32-bit or 64-bit Microsoft Windows®. If the “Run-time Version” window shows that your system is in “32-bit compatibility mode,” then you will need to install the latest “x86” version of the software. Note: An updated driver for the new Elan XL® electronic gaming mouse will be released soon.


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