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Fast Volume Crack Free Download

Key Features:

Setup available for Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7

No need to tweak registry files

Built-in volume control with a single mouse wheel

Default hotkey can be customized

No minimum requirements

No extras

User reviews:

Mostly positive

To be fair, Fast Volume Download With Full Crack works as advertised on most occasions. However, it only offers a specific volume control mode and lacks any kind of recording/playback support.
Its interface may look fancy and attractive at first glance, but there’s really not much to say about it as there’s nothing special about its looks.
As a matter of fact, it even lacks any kind of on-screen hint to help users make the most out of the app.
The only thing that can be added here is its easy to use interface which makes it actually work rather well as expected.
Overall, Fast Volume is a useful tool if you’re dealing with a standard keyboard, but it still lacks some basic features and functions, which is a shame.

This app is best used with a hardware volume control wheel, as opposed to the “customize hotkey” option.
The default setting is to use the Windows key as the hotkey, so if that’s what you’re used to, then you’ll probably be happy with it.

The interface is rather plain and basic, but the fact that it’s very easy to use makes it one of the easiest tools to manage.
While the app only offers a single volume control option, you can set up more than one if you prefer, which is a pretty neat thing to have.
The app’s requirements are actually minimal and it does work on all Windows versions on the market.

How to download and install Fast Volume on your PC

Fast Volume – Step by Step

Click the download link below to start downloading the program from Softonic. Before you do this, you’ll have to register on the site, but it’s quick and free. Don’t forget to provide a valid email when prompted.

Next, save the file on your PC and double-click it so you can start the installation process.

It should begin downloading the latest version of Fast Volume, and the download process can take a few moments. When it’s done, click Run and follow the prompts so the program can start.

A window will appear where you can select a destination for Fast

Fast Volume

A freeware utility that allows to change volume level by sending keyboard keystrokes.
• Allow to adjust volume level
• Support for keyboard and external devices
• Automatic switching to internal and external devices.
• Command line support
1. Setup:
1.1 Choose volume level from the command line.
1.2 Select a volume level.
1.3 Choose volume device.
2. Register:
2.1 Add keys.
2.2 Choose a volume level.
2.3 Select a volume device.
2.4 Choose a hotkey.
3. Launch:
3.1 Choose a volume level.
3.2 Choose a volume device.
3.3 Choose a hotkey.
3.4 To launch, press the hotkey.
4. Sound recorder:
4.1 When recording, show volume.
1.1 Choose volume level from the command line.
To change volume level, just run the application, or open a folder with shortcut, or type “Fast Volume Cracked 2022 Latest Version ”, where key is the hotkey that you chose when registered.
This will open a list of volume devices where you can select one from.
To change volume level, just select it and press the hotkey.
If you have an internal volume control, you’ll be asked to choose a device from the list.
Otherwise, it will be switched automatically to the next volume device in the list, with the highest level.
To select a device, move the mouse wheel up and down.
To reset the device, press the hotkey.
To change volume level on an external device, you’ll have to open the device properties to select the volume device that you wish to control.
Note: If you are using an external device that is connected to a USB port, you will need to disconnect it before switching to another device. Otherwise, you’ll need to unplug and plug it again in order to change to another volume device.
Note: If you are using an USB device, you have to create a new MIDI instrument using your keyboard to use it.
1.2 Select a volume level.
From the same device list where you can select a volume device, you can also specify a volume level.
To do this, select a volume level from the list and press the hotkey.
Note: Hotkeys are different for different

Fast Volume Registration Code

Fast Volume is a handy tool for Windows users. It allows you to quickly and easily adjust audio volume level, mute/unmute the PC speakers and use a dedicated key for controlling the PC volume.

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What’s New in the?

Fast Volume is a freeware utility that allows users to change volume level by simply pressing a hotkey while moving the mouse wheel up or down.

CyberN95 10/07/2010

It’s… Not for me. I was in the middle of moving my mouse from the right side to the left side and the volume suddenly started to rise to 200%. In fact, I couldn’t turn it back to the normal volume. I restarted my computer and the app returned to 100%.

DesertTime 30/12/2010

too short.

jdvalko 06/11/2010

Haven’t tried it, but the mouse and keyboard seem to recognize the “up” command correctly.

BentleyDove 05/08/2010

I love it! I’m a computer tech and everyone uses the mouse. This is perfect!

Ignatius of Antioch 03/05/2010

Very cool feature, I’m always turning the volume up while typing and it is great to see a simple way to do this.

Umandi 3/05/2010

Not working for me on Windows 7 Home Premium x64. It says the hot key is bound to the 3D accelerator and can’t be unbound. What’s the hot key for windows key? Thanks.

Parth 06/28/2009

Great app, nice work.

Frostybug 06/28/2009

I like the quick way of setting the hot key.

Gesias 06/27/2009

Here I am, 15 minutes late to the review.
First, I love this app! I like the mouse wheel, because it’s faster than using the arrow keys. I would like to have a keyboard shortcut that would work with the Windows 7 Fn+KEY, but I don’t know what it is yet.

Justyna 06/27/2009

works perfectly on my windows vista ultimate x64

Chubb 05/30/2009

I have never tried anything like this.

MikeN 03/29/2009

It’s fast and simple. I like it.

What a treat! I have been searching for something like this for so long, even having to try setting up a timer app to launch the app. This is the most delightful app I have run across.

Erick 03/23/2009

I use Fast volume often and it works perfectly.


This is great. I’m using this on Windows 7 Home Premium and it works great! Thanks for making it.

big man – Mr. Blue 02/19/2009

I like this…

Steve 02/12/2009

Love it!

Brandon 02/10/2009


System Requirements:

The game currently supports the following:
Windows 7+
Windows 8+
Windows 10
Mac OSX:
Minimum requirements:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4 GHz)
Memory: 4GB
Hard disk space: 16GB
DirectX: 9.0 (or equivalent)

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