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FX Batch Compiler is a program designed to help you compile FX effect files and HLSL shader files using fxc command line compiler included in DirectX SDK. You can compile many files at time or one file with different settings.
This is not shader IDE, just a font-end for fxc compiler. The document for this application is called compilation script. Its syntax is very simple. Each line of the script contains command line parameters passed to compiler and it is called task. File names can be relative to the directory where the script is saved.







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– Batch Compiler is included in DirectX SDK. It can compile HLSL shader files and effect files using one command line.
– With FX Batch Compiler Product Key, you can compile many files at once.
– You can compile one file with different settings as many times as you want.
– FX Batch Compiler can compile multiple files using different folder path
– Set compiler options through global variables.
– Compilation script is written with very simple syntax. Each line of the script is called a task.
– Task and parameter will be described in detail in next chapters.
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FX Batch Compiler Crack + Serial Key 2022 [New]

FX Batch Compiler can be used to automate compiling of the effect files. It can support multiple FX Effects Compilation from command line with parameters passed to compilation task. FX Batch Compiler can save FX Effects Compilation log to specified file.
When you will start FX Batch Compiler as fxc.exe it will load a script where you have all needed parameters to compile FX effect files. FX Batch Compiler include 5 main task:

Task syntax is very simple. Each line of the script has 2 parts. That is, first part is the parameter name and second part is the parameter value. The following is example for this application.
-fxrcfile:./FX.fxrc -fxlra fileName.fxlra

This task will read FX.fxrc script which included in this application and then compile FX effect with the settings in FX.fxrc. You can add more than one task to the same FX Script.
Multiple FX Script. Each parameter in the FX.fxrc script is used in compilations later.

You can specify parameter name and its value in different ways. This application use this example. The syntax for this application is same as described in the following text.

Parameter name: [value]

Parameter value:

[typeName] operator: [typeName]

Parameter value: [number] operator:[number]

Special characters:

? – Parameter name can be a question mark. The compiler will ignore this parameter.

* – Parameter name can be a asterisk. The compiler will look for this parameter in FX.fxrc file.

Parameter name: [path] value: [value]

Parameter value: [path]

Special characters:

! – A character that you can use inside a parameter value.


When you use [path] parameter, you must specify fully qualified path to the file and if you do not do this parameter will be ignored.

If you need to set access rights to the file or folder that is in the path, then you must use [path] parameter with reference to the full path to the file or folder. In this mode the access rights of the path will be applied.



Parameter name: [fullPath] value: [path]

For example,


FX Batch Compiler

This program is designed to help you to create multiple files compilation script for compilation using fxc command line compiler.

This script creates compilation script for the following method: CompileFiles(files)

(files – a list of filenames)
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What’s New in the FX Batch Compiler?

– Compile Effect and Shaders without DX SDK
– Customize output files
– Edit source files
– Compile and save in full, incremental, or batch mode
– Multiple input files can be specified in one command line
– Save the modified files
– Compile to png and jpeg
– Print the task in console
– Create new folder with compile data
– Support tasks execution by script
– Run all tasks
– Save all tasks
Compile effect or shader file as full incremental or batch can be specified with the verbose parameter. If it is specified in script, the task will be executed once to compile the whole.
Compiler defines output path and output file name. FX Batch Compiler accepts the output path and output name. Output file path and name should be between double quotation marks.

Only odd numbered columns should be provided. Numbers at even columns (2,4,6,..) should be 0 or empty. The Columns-Array should have the same length as the Size array. The file sizes must be multiple of 32k.

The file name can be anything, but it is a good practise to add the filename in the name of the array.

You can add an entry to the In-Files, Out-Files and Post-Processing-Files arrays. They are three dimensional arrays which should be filled with array of Size, Size and Size elements respectively. The First Size element of In-Files is the size of the input file, while the First Size element of Out-Files and Post-Processing-Files are the size of the output file and the post-processing files respectively.
In-Files – array of files to be included in the file. The order of the file names will be used by the compiler.
Out-Files – array of files to be output.
Post-Processing-Files – array of files to include post-processing shaders.

Note: the maximum size of an entry in In-Files and Out-Files arrays is 2028. If the entry is bigger than this size, the entries will be merged.

The Compilation-ID and the Output-ID are ints, which you should fill with unique numbers. The Format-ID can be any number. For now we don’t do anything with it.

The compiler is able to work with different presets. Presets are specified with the “preset” parameter. It is a string

System Requirements For FX Batch Compiler:

Operating System:
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2
Mac OSX (10.9+)
Minimum System RAM: 128MB
Processor: Intel Pentium III or higher
Minimum Display Resolution: 1024×768
Minimum Free Disk Space: 10MB
Tested on the following video card types. NVIDIA: GTX 670, GTX 680, GTX 670 Ti, GTX 690, GT 710
AMD: Radeon HD 5870
AMD: Radeon HD 7870