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Gods Demons And Others Pdf Download

266. It is important for all children to learn about Jesus, and to see him at work in the world, to have the courage to receive his love and to live by it. They see him best when they learn to love him. This is possible only by learning to imitate his loving ways. They can do so best when they become like him and when they can say with Mary: I am the servant of the servants of the Lord (Lk 10:10). The children we love most are those whom we show the love we have for God. Thus Mary of Bethany, to whose parents a gift was given as an expression of the good news of her great love for Jesus, found her greatest joy in the friendships she formed with her father, Lazarus, and with Martha, her sister. They taught her to follow Christ, to imitate him. Thus she became, like her parents and brothers, a mother of the children of Jesus. With the love of children, she always appreciated the love of her daughter, Martha, even when she disagreed with the interference of Jesus in her affairs. She prayed for Martha in the hope of receiving an understanding and loving reception from her daughter which would allow Jesus to once more enter her home. In many ways, Martha was the most formidable among Jesus closest friends. He recognized this, and valued her friendships which could have very negative consequences for his plans. Mary did not know of Martha, but she knew of Jesus, and she was able to speak to him and to draw him into her own home. The knowledge of God can lead us to appreciate the lives of those who are close to him and open our hearts to Jesus. She was like Mary, who knew her Son, she was Martha, who prepared for his Coming and she rejoiced in the knowledge of her death (Jn 12:26).

313. My Jesus, I come to Thee in the name of Mary, thy Immaculate Mother, to ask for thy blessing and to ask that the power of the Holy Spirit may be present in my life and in that of all the faithful in our parish. May this desire to do good for others and for the glory of God fill my heart and may I go out in the name of Mary.
149. The most effective evangelizers are those whose lives are the most in tune with Gods word, and whose prayers, their faith in the Cross, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in them, seem to reach the hearts of the people as that word reaches them. That does not mean that we must become souls full of doubts, confessing our inability to do everything asked of us and trying to represent Christ by our own qualities and works; but it does mean that we must be actively penetrated by Gods word, and that our prayer should mirror God so that he may be with us when we go out to bring his love to those who hear us. [117]
265. St. Margaret Mary of Antioch lived in a time when the words of Jesus were rare and mysterious. As a young mother, she was one of the first to hear the voice of Jesus, whom she recognized at once as the son of God. Margaret was drawn to her sister Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, and she had a close relationship with Zachariah, her cousin and Elizabeths husband. They encouraged Margaret to have a special prayer for her child conceived by the Holy Spirit, which she calls the Holy Spirit of Jesus, that he may protect her son and help him to bear the stigmata of the passion of Christ. We cannot say how much she suffered in her own home and how humbled she was that it was she who bore the stigma of Christ, while others were far more closely associated with this sufferings. Nonetheless, she did not fear the cross, her Christian experience led her into such a close relationship with Jesus that she could say: My mediator is Jesus (Mt 16:17). Jesus needed a mother, just as Adam needed Eve. Many years after we are born, Mary gave birth to Christ. To her was given the task of building a people, welcoming those who desired the life of God and enlightening them to the awe of the love of God.