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I solved it by myself. I found out how to do this in the SourceTree application. Just import the certificate to your keychain and click on the import icon, then select the import from smart card and certificate authorities option.
That’s all.


Composer and Laravel git repositories

I need to use a Laravel library with a composer package. Normally, in development mode, the library will be installed in local folders, on which composer understands it should install the required packages and resolve them into a library.
In production mode, however, I need to switch to a server that already has the library installed. Is there any way to define a different path to the composer to listen to the library installed at the server (and in this case, let’s say the library is installed at the server in folders in the root)?


If the dependency is actually a Laravel component, but not a third-party package, and it is just a different folder structure from the currently-installed version, I would have to disagree with @NoOne.
In Laravel, versioning and compatibility has to do with the folder structure of the source, not with the application itself (which is why you can use “laravel/framework”: “5.1.x” to represent 5.1.2 in composer.json).
In case a project is using a specific version of a package, or just wants to match a specific version of a package, you should go ahead and install that version of the package.
When doing so, you will have to instruct composer, via composer.json, about the relative paths to the source, as well as to the namespace of the application (which will become the library path).
I suggest using full package names, such as “laravel/framework”: “5.1.x”, with vendor/ in the “vendor” directory of the top-level directory of your project.
Finally, in case the project happens to include 3rd-party dependencies, you can either install them with composer (from the “vendor” directory) or with the –prefer-source option of composer update.
Finally, you can run composer install –prefer-source to bypass composer and instead take the relative paths manually.
If the 3rd-party

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The “= = = = = =” (where there’s quote punctuation) symbols are not tab characters, so I assume that those are tabs that are displayed as question marks on your page. So just replace your with if you use a.bat file, or’with’if you use a.sh file.
For example, in a.sh file:
sed -i’s/= = = = =/ = /g’ test.txt


Replace certain pattern with
using regex

I am trying to replace the following occurrence:


and the following code in python:
import re

s = ‘{\D*(?:[^}]*}\d*){\D*}’
re.sub(‘{\D*(?:[^}]*}\d*){\D*’, ‘
‘, s)

Gives the result:

How can I get the result in which only certain patterns are removed?
Please check following sample text:
{NAME: A} {NUM: 7D2BCF} {SIZE: 2.5} {FRAC: 4.5} {ID: 422}

{NAME: B} {NUM: 1F1436} {SIZE: 0.5} {FRAC: 0.4} {ID: 895}

{NAME: C} {NUM: 2A101F} {SIZE: 2.0} {FRAC: 3.5} {ID: 662}

{NAME: D} {NUM: 2C4143} {SIZE: 1.0} {FRAC: 2.2} {ID: 452}

{NAME: E} {NUM: 1U1854} {SIZE: 2.5} {FRAC: 3.0} {ID: 242}

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