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Make your own button deck quickly and easily!
-Create a deck with a single touch, and with a few minutes you can get started!
-Provide your own web content, complete with custom buttons, player control, and all the functionality you need!
-Build a deck without a third-party program or app. Everything is in Macro Deck.
-Import buttons from browsers, games and web pages!
-Connect to all your favorite web services, including Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and more!
-Share your deck and share the control!
-Create a deck with just a few taps!
-View and edit your deck in all its glory.
Macro Deck Features:
-Simple, flexible and customizable – Design your own custom commands for online gameplay, or build something completely custom using your own content, created in your web browser.
-Connect to all your favorite social services: Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and more! – Easily access and share your favorite web content from the same place, including buttons, playlists, etc.
-Use custom buttons on your own webpage – Access any of the thousands of custom buttons available – or create your own with just a few taps.
-Quick and easy to use – Build a quick command deck with just a single touch – and in a matter of minutes you can have your deck up and running!
-Add your own buttons – Build a deck using any of the 2 million pre-built button combinations from across the web!
-Connect to your favorite games – Share macros with friends or connect to your favorite games, like Fortnite or League of Legends – and start sharing your control.
-Customize your buttons with any combination of text, images, videos, GIFs, and custom HTML commands.
-Make your own playlists – Add any URL or image to a playlist for quick access.
-Connect to other services – Make your deck accessible to any service that supports HTML5 – including even services that don’t have a macro support like Twitch or YouTube.
-Save and share your deck – Easily upload your deck to the cloud for easy access from anywhere.
-View your deck – Access the completed deck, in all its glory, with a tap.
-Build your own app – Build your own lightweight macro application!
-Macro Deck is compatible with all Android and iOS devices, and is available for both iOS and Android.
-You can play your macros on Windows as well. 384a16bd22

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SimPack is especially developed for the research of similarity between concepts in ontologies or ontologies as a whole.
The SimPack approach is based on dynamic, multi-resolution concept hierarchies. This means that similarities are calculated between specific concepts only, but not between the concepts at a higher resolution. By this, the computation time is reduced. Moreover, SimPack allows to define and set the similarity thresholds and to weight similarities at a higher level.
The following figure shows the basic idea of SimPack.

You can use SimPack for individual concepts as well as for entire ontologies.

Using SimPack for individual concepts:

An input ontology or ontology as a whole is read and imported into SimPack.

Similarities between concepts are calculated by using a similarity measure, which is defined by the user in a configuration file.

The similarity values are transformed into ranges, which are based on the predefined similarity threshold. The highest similarity values can be set to infinity.

The relevant similarities can be displayed in the SimPack user interface.

The configuration file is a plain text file which contains the line separated value pairs and a line to define the output format. The file has to be saved as configuration.txt

Ontology or ontology as a whole:

An ontology or ontology as a whole is read by SimPack.

Similarities between concepts are calculated.

The highest similarity values are set to infinity.

The highest similarities can be displayed in the SimPack user interface.

Displaying SimPack:

SimPack runs on a Windows desktop platform and provides a graphical user interface.
SimPack provides several configuration options to adjust the output, such as selecting concepts for which similarity is displayed, the visualization mode and other criteria. Additionally, SimPack offers the possibility to customize the output or to configure individual output files by means of a configuration file.
The most important options in SimPack are:


Definition of concepts and similarity measures.

Threshold to display certain values: This defines the range in which the similarity values are displayed.

Remaining similarity values: This shows the actual highest similarity values in the case that some similarities have been set to infinity.

Color mapping of the similarity values: This defines the color mapping of the similarity values.

Format of the output:

Mapping of the similarity values: This defines the mapping of the similarity values.



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