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This is a Windows Media Player 8 Application. It can be run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
The application will let you manage your Windows Media Player.
This is a Windows Media Player 8 application that will enable you to manage your Windows Media Player (WMP)
The features of this application include the following

Included Themes (C)

From the Start Menu, type AMANZ MP4 to display the AMANZ MP4 – Windows Media Player 8 application.

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About AMANZ MP4:


AMANZ MP4 is a very simple multimedia player that promises to run on low computer resources while being able to deal with the most common formats out there.
The truth is that the application has a minimum footprint on hardware resources, while the support for multimedia formats is indeed impressive.
At first glance, AMANZ MP4 may seem a bit outdated and it really is because the program hasn’t been revised in a while. The main window cannot be resized, but it provides a bunch of options, such as play, stop and pause and dedicated buttons for loading a new video and switching to full screen.
AMANZ MP4 is based on Windows Media Player, but the main difference is the number of resources it needs. The configuration menus are basically the same as in the built-in Windows media player, so nothing too fancy except for the options we already know.
You can thus adjust the performance, with dedicated tools for connection speed and buffering, plugins and network connectivity.
Of course, there are many features missing from AMANZ MP4; theme support, file associations, drag and drop support and configuration menus are just a few examples.
While it works okay on Windows XP, not the same thing can be said about Windows 7. The application freezes every once in a while and the full-screen mode doesn’t seem to work for every played video.
All in all, AMANZ MP4 is an old application that is extremely far from what we’re seeing these days in the multimedia player market.
AMANZ MP4 Screenshot:

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Thanks for the information. I have downloaded AMANZ MP4 and it plays my videos, but sometimes it freezes. I am using a eea19f52d2


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I am using the odata service on a third party api. I am creating a request to a odata method and don’t have control over the odata query string and don’t know what arguments are being sent.
I have the url that I am submitting to the odata service so I can generate the odata query string, but what I’m having trouble with is how to take that query string and make that into an actual odata request. So far, the only way I know how to do that is to make a request like this:
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