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the support for this is available in service update 4 but it is not a free upgrade, due to compatibility issues. you will have to contact your vendor to upgrade the software and see if they are able to support it.

hicom is a professional diagnostic system specifically designed for hyundai and kia vehicles. it is also compatible with the vehicle manufacturers dodge and inokom. through the obd2 interface it is capable of communicating with all k-line and can-bus supported control devices from 1996 to the most recent models.

possible applications:

the variety of connectors and features you can use on the g2 is similarly staggering. add to that the ability to upgrade firmware and software via wifi like a smartphone or tablet, and youve got a high quality diagnostic tool that keeps itself current on the latest vehicles and trouble codes all by itself. theres nothing id rather have in my shop than a g2.

obdexpress.co.uk has newly extracted original hicom obd2 diagnostic scanner for hyundai and kia. the obd2 to usb hicom interface contains 10 multiplexed iso9141 k-lines, high-speed can-bus, iso15765, kwp2000, iso9141 and analog measurement circuits. hicom covers more vehicle models comparing with other hyundai and kia diagnostic tools . here is the hicom driver software installation instruction.

HICOM is a nationwide communications group in Malaysia, providing solutions in the fields of telecommunications, information & communications technology and media. The company is a key provider of telecommunications, information and communications services in Malaysia and is one of the most dynamic telecommunications companies in the Asia-Pacific region.
The HICOM Media Gateway is the first in the world to offer a built-in solution for small and medium-sized offices to benefit from centralized information & communications solutions in an IP-based environment.
HICOM Procard is a secure card solution for access control solutions in which card holders are authenticated by their fingerprint or face recognition so that only authorized individuals may use them.
The HiCOM Player Software will run the HiCOM interface and allow you to view your interface on your PC. It is able to play any HiCOM interface but only with the HiCOM interface recorder connected. HiCOM interface recorder has the ability to record the HiCOM interface on your PC and play them back.
Hicom offers an entry-level player with a loop mode for listening. Users can only play files stored on an HiCom platform, not on their desktop. HiCom also offers a player that can play all files stored on a HiCom platform, including files stored on a computer.
The receiver supports two main modes of operation: Software Loop Recording and Firmware Loop Recording. Loop recording is the recording of continuous information, such as an analog or microphone signal, played back at the same rate as it is initially recorded. Firmware Loop Recording is the recording of continuous information, such as a voice message, played back at the same rate as the original recording. The HiCom Mobile Professional Recording Unit offers both modes. HiCom Mobile recording units offer the ability to record in either mode.