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HIDSharp is a COM enabled class library that allows you to control and interact with USB devices.
– Easy to use API and integrated VB6 & MS Access control and interactivity
– Includes a resource editor with a VCL style implementation of the OLE 1.0 interface
– Multiple implementation of the USB Class compliant HID Report Descriptors

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HIDSharp is designed to wrap a Windows message and act as a managed object. By doing this, it can be used from any.NET language.
HIDSharp can be installed via a setup application, or can be compiled. It allows you to create USB class devices to be used on Windows Vista and later.
These USB class devices can provide data to applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Notepad, Access, Visual Basic 6, Visual FoxPro, Visual Studio.NET, etc. The USB class devices are not designed to replace existing drivers.
This software is included in the computer to test the presence and functionality of the USB hardware you own.
Included is an example application that you can use to test your USB hardware.
HIDSharp Features:
* Remove the dependency on the Windows operating system.
* Supports USB devices and USB driver installs.
* Smaller size that is platform independent.
* Reduce code size by 1 to 5 percent.
* Self-contained USB device driver.
* Windows application with the USB class device using HIDSharp features.
* Compile the application and install the device driver together.
* Because the device driver installed with the application instead of manually, it works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.
* Easily add multiple HID functions to existing applications.
* Test USB devices using any C# program.
* Run a HIDSharp application in the background as a Windows Service.
* Support USB 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0.
* Support of HID updates and upgrades.
* Supports USB device configuration.
* Multiple interfaces supported by using HIDSharp.
* You can use your own drivers.
* Support of USB HID devices.
* Only the development tools for these USB devices are tested.
* Support of application memory remapping.
* Supports BlueTooth HID devices.
* Supports USB HID audio devices.
* Runs on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.
* Supports USB stack builds.
* Support of HID tip, glove, and pen interfaces.
* Support of data values and multimedia keys.
* Support of mouse-only devices.
* Support of native HID-compliant devices.
* Ability to load your own HID and/or DLL files.
* Supports non-Microsoft devices.
* Supports multiple HID and/or


HIDSharp is a COM enabled C# library designed to allow the use of USB HID
devices with VB6 and MS Access programs.
HIDSharp is COM enabled and can be used on multiple platforms. It adds support
for USB HID devices to your applications.
HIDSharp Usage:
Some basic examples are provided in the HIDSharp Documentation directory:
USE32BIT is a 32-bit DOS program. USE32BIT is a command line tool. Use the
tool by entering the command:
HIDSharp Documentation:
Check the HIDSharp documentation directory on the web. This site also contains
the latest updates to HIDSharp.
HIDSharp Releases:
HIDSharp Releases:
Version : 2.0.0
12 January 2011
License : MIT
HIDSharp Commercial Kit:
A commercial license to HIDSharp is available. The commercial license
includes a developer kit with source code and binary for use on both Linux and
The commercial license is available on the HIDSharp Commercial page

How to contact us:
For latest bug fixes and more details about HIDSharp please contact us
through the web site. Also please subscribe to the HIDSharp RSS feeds
available on the web site.
If you have found a bug in HIDSharp, please report it to us through the
web site.
HIDSharp Support:
If you have any comments or questions regarding this library, please contact us
through the web site. Support questions are answered in a timely manner and
users who are having issues get helpful replies.
If you are a customer please do not use this e-mail address for support
questions as it is impossible to address you personally. Our support address

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What’s New In HIDSharp?

HIDSharp uses the Windows driver model. Therefore it is lightweight and portable. HIDSharp works with Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.
HIDSharp features:
•Send reports, start / stop-and-reset (pull / push) of all HID devices supported by Windows (see supported devices
•Supports all versions of Windows since Windows NT 3.5.
• Support of USB HID devices connected by USB-serial adapters.
•Persistence of all state information, even after end user reboots.
•Stack level interrupt management.
•Add more devices, change configuration parameters of the supported devices.
•Support for hotplug of USB HID devices (see the hotplug section in the usage section).
•Support for: HID drivers different from the default ones.
•Using command line parameters to enable and disable all HID devices on your PC.
•HIDSharp has minimal requirements – no special dependencies, it can be used with Visual Studio.NET and any other programming
language that can use COM objects.
HIDSharp Documents:
Version 1.2 of HIDSharp is available for download. It includes 2 sample applications, one for working with USB HID devices and
another one using the support for USB HID devices in Windows XP SP2.
Version 1.1.0 of HIDSharp is available for download. It includes new features, bug fixes and updated documentations.
1) USB HID devices support:
see USB-HID section and HIDSharpRelease1_2 for the new features.
2) New feature (Version 1.1.0):
– Driver signature filtering.
– State saving.
3) Bug fixes (Version 1.1.0):
– Driver signature filtering.
– General fixes.
– Dirty device reporting bug in Windows XP.
4) Documentation:
– Commented code.
– HIDSharpRelease1_2 documentation (updated).
– Configuration file (config.cfg):
•Writing the names of the configuration entries (keys).
•Reading the configuration entries (keys).
– Project files:
•HIDSharp.csproj project file (package for.NET development).
•HIDSharp.sln solution file (package for VC++ development).
– Configuration files:
•Standard configuration file, for running HIDSharp in release mode.
•Installation configuration file, for installing


System Requirements For HIDSharp:

* OS: Windows 10 (64-bit version only), Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista.
* CPU: 2.0GHz
* Memory: 4GB
* Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
* Hard Drive: 7.7GB
* Network: Broadband Internet connection
* Bluetooth: Optional
* Broadband Internet connection *Optional
* WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
* USB 2.0 port


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