Macro editor with button, one click customization.
Multilanguage: English and Russian.
Easy to use, just one click to insert and change buttons in Macros.
Import Macro from other software.
View user defined Button mapping.
Easy to use, only one click button insertion, and only one click changing the button, no need to drag, no need to click on the button, this is just like a magic!
Easy to customize, in Macros editing, you can change the text of buttons, and move it, and change the order of buttons
Easy to read, the edit text button color is the same with the color of the buttons, which is very easy to read
Easy to understand, with friendly interface, with simple and clear instructions, there is no need to spend hours to learn how to use this software.
Easy to save, in the file which is saved, the button will also be saved, and it will be very convenient to edit the button later.
Easy to import, from other software, the buttons can be imported directly from other software, no need to search files to import it.
Easy to export, export the Macros to text files and Html files, so you can view them in other software.
Easy to share, if you export Macros to Html files, you can use it as a sharing link on other software, and you can publish it to other websites easily.
Macro editor, one click button customization, multilanguage, easy to use, easy to customize, easy to understand, easy to save, easy to import, easy to share, easy to publish, easy to export

Publisher’s Description

Rufus is a powerful disk partitioning tool. It offers a wide variety of features and it is very easy to use. Rufus supports Windows (7/8/10), Mac, Linux and other operating systems.

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A command-line macro processor that can help you create your own.
Keyboards offer many advantages to software developers, and yet…

EyeWitness Virtual Photography lets you simulate how your photographs would look like when photographed under different conditions.
Instructions are displayed on-screen, as well as on the Windows desktop via a symbol. This makes it much easier to control the…

Atspi is a lightweight command-line application to run binary files through a command line API. The.NET version can easily run on any Windows PC.
Atspi is currently available for Windows XP and newer, and uses an open-source BASH-compatible scripting…

Ginkgo Photo Catalog is a.NET component that offers a convenient way to manage your photos.
Ginkgo Photo Catalog is designed to work out of the box with any.NET Framework-based application, making it a perfect fit for Microsoft Outlook, Active Directory,…

For anybody looking to transform the living room into an entertainment center, the right tool is essential. That’s where the Krikit mobile projector comes in. The gadget is a professional quality projector that features a built-in digital camera, a pair of…

The fifth edition of Damballa’s Firewalls & Intrusion Prevention Survey is now available. The 150 questions ask about firewalls, networks, and network security devices. Damballa also asked system administrators for their input in designing the survey.

The 5th edition of Damballa’s Performance Toolkit is now available. The survey is designed to provide an overview of your systems performance. It features tests to measure system performance and hardware compatibility, and a complete application benchmark….

Adobe has unveiled the first beta of Flash Builder 3, a cross-platform IDE to build enterprise applications in Adobe AIR and Flex.
The tool has been designed to help developers learn and adopt the Flex and Flash Builder IDEs, while also building Adobe AIR and Flex…

The free release of the DotEmu PC emulator was announced in January of this year. DotEmu is a free Windows program that allows users to emulate the Windows architecture on alternative operating systems.
PC owners can now download the emulator from the DotEmu…

A useful utility that creates several diffs with a unique file format. Files can be compared, merged, and viewed as ASCII or binary files.
DIFFLEADER supports Unicode and is free for non-commercial use.


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