Il Modellismo Sartoriale Burgo Pdf Download ((FREE))

Il Modellismo Sartoriale Burgo Pdf Download ((FREE))


Il Modellismo Sartoriale Burgo Pdf Download

After more than 50 years in the fashion scene, Burgo has not relinquished his passion and commitment, he has never stopped believing in what he is doing. The skills taught by Burgo aim at pointing out the contents of a trade that has never changed in its needs and he has never lost sight of the importance of teaching the skills of the craftsmanship.

Trained by Burgo to make his own vision of the future of education in design and weaving, today we have students and work in Italy, USA, England, Spain, France and elsewhere and Burgo has been able to spread his teaching and expertise.

Burgo, who has led the figure-making and fashion design, aims to highlight the philosophy of knowledge acquisition and sharing knowledge as the most important values that can be handed on from generation to generation. As a result of a sincere and pragmatic approach, he has been able to insert fashion in the education system,

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The practical classes are simply amazing. Where most workshops and schools will have you make a bunch of sketches, prototype a design, lay out a fabric sample, etc., Burgo seems to have the best put together system that you will find. There are 3.5 hour long classes that are very professionally taught, culminating in a massive fashion show. However, once you get there, and you get to examine the sample garments for which they showed you the draft in class, Burgo seriously shines. They are a limited edition number of pieces that they have carefully chosen to fit your needs and budget. They can cost between $300 and $1000 or more, but they are extremely well made. Thats a big switch from students whose fashion drafting you would find, say at American Interiors, where simple lines are emphasized above and beyond any profundity of composition or execution. Now, there are a lot of designers that you can use for this purpose. And I included this company in my list not as a fashion designer (although they do design their own line) but because I think they have the best version of that book. Designer Paola Cota-Bucchieri was an American expat who is now based in Melbourne and she is a fluent Italian speaker. She has done all of Burgo-s material and has had all of it translated. If you order from here, you can get it delivered any day in any form for any or no cost: a color pdf, a B/W pdf, an idealized pdf, a 3D pdf, etc. But, I also recommend Burgo above all others. For one, I think that they have the best drafted material and they do a great job of communicating the science of it and the art of fashion design in a way that is easy and understandable to anyone. And if youre going to have a textbook/program to learn from, they might just be the best. On the other hand, a textbook in and of itself is not enough to learn the art of fashion. You need hands on experience. You need to put it to work. You need to make it your life. And Burgo offers that option. 5ec8ef588b