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Most teenagers will not have to worry about such issues as plagiarism and cheating, but once they enter college, they will need to think about whether to share their research findings, information and blog on the internet. While privacy is a major concern for many people, they may not be as aware of potential ethical issues surrounding the internet. As a result, students need to learn the ethical principles, laws and practices that govern and protect their right to privacy and freedom of expression, as well as their rights to use the internet. Ethical issues in digital media may be related to publication, plagiarism, distribution, privacy, internet safety, journalistic integrity, right of access to information, research, intellectual property and academic integrity. Those interested in learning more about ethical issues in digital media and the proper methods for online research should refer to the links provided at the end of this document.

A General Tool for GPS Logging, Monitoring and Tracking Description:
General-purpose GPS software which includes GIS, GPS, NMEA 2000, RTK, Real Time Track, track, animation, log etc. It is a powerful and feature rich GPS tracking program for tracking. It is mainly used for tracking assets and fleet vehicles. Key features: Track real time routes and offline tracks. Record tracks in png or txt files. Display tracks in km, m, ft, mi. Supports both 2d and 3d modes. Navigate into regions.
Needs C++ compiler.

Accelero Designer Description:
Accelero Designer is a professional, integrated development environment for designing high-performance application software that consists of a collection of well-crafted modules. The design of these modules reflects the most demanding application requirements and can be easily expanded to implement new functionality. The design model is based on a standard dataflow architecture, and hence, the components of the software are developed and tested independently. This allows a transparent integration of the components, as well as an easy porting to new environments. Accelero Designer has been designed from the ground up as a development environment for Java programmers. It is designed to be an extension of the Java Development Kit (JDK) that is completely independent of any other development tool. Java programmers, who have used popular development tools (such as Eclipse or Netbeans) before, can thus concentrate on writing code without any additional tools.
The architectural concept of Accelero Designer is based on well-known, proven design models, in particular the object-oriented, 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is a powerful macro recorder and recorder utility for Windows. It lets you record mouse actions and keyboard strokes. It enables you to store actions in the form of macro commands. If you often perform the same tasks over and over again, or you simply want to save a few keystrokes to speed up your work, KeyMacro can save a lot of time.
KeyMacro Features:
1. Recorder and recorder utility for Windows.
2. Enable recording of mouse actions and keyboard strokes.
3. Ability to store these actions in the form of macro commands.
4. Ability to record text string, complete program, and entire work session.
5. Ability to record directly from the window.
6. Ability to use one or multiple macro commands.
7. Ability to record up to 999 macros for up to 999 days.
8. Ability to set recording start and end dates.
9. Ability to delete expired macros.
10. Ability to edit, remove, copy, and share recorded macros.
11. Ability to open recording files in any application.
12. Ability to run macros in a specific folder.
KeyMacro Instructions:
1. First, you need to install KeyMacro in your computer. Go to the KeyMacro download page.
2. Select the setup version (setup or setup_nopro) of your choice and click “Next”.
3. You will see a screen with a list of the requirements of the setup. Click “Install”.
4. The setup will run and install KeyMacro.
5. You will see a message that KeyMacro is installed. Click “Finish”.
KeyMacro Video:
How to use KeyMacro
KeyMacro Options Window
KeyMacro Task List Window
KeyMacro Macro Commands Window
How to use KeyMacro
Press the Windows key on your keyboard to open the Start Menu.
Click the Programs icon.
Click on the program name KeyMacro.
Click “Options” button.
Scroll through the settings in the “Options” window and click OK.
In the Macro options window, select a folder for recording macros and click OK.
Now, open a window.
Click the Start menu and choose “Record a macro”.
Click the Start button.
You can choose a specific window to record in and then start recording.
Click the button in the bottom right corner of the window to stop recording.

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