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There are also options for alerting you to ICMP problems, a handy-dandy radar plot of connections, as well as persistent times per week for checking connections. If you are willing to pay for the full version of Ping Widget, you’ll also get some additional features, including…

Detailed report for each ping

The ability to ping like a pro : Applies only to premium users.

: Applies only to premium users. Disabled ICMP ping 66cf4387b8

An OCR command line program that converts scanned or typewritten text to recognized text. Free and Open Source.

Complete installation instructions are given at the Downloads page, however, you may find it easier to simply uninstall Crop-O-Matic and install OurDoct.

Run Image Tools Utility to use the OurDoct application

Run OurDoct under Windows in a command line window and enter Crop-O-Matic at the prompt. The Our

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