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Free Webcam Watcher is a Windows freebie developed to allow users watch web cameras from all over the world with minimum effort.
The well-organized GUI groups the essential options right in the main window, so it takes just a few seconds to figure out how to use it.
You have the list with locations across the globe, the one with webcams, a viewer plus the typical controls to start a cam or stop it.
What’s more, you can even zoom in and zoom out, but the overall quality of the images also depends on the stream. A specific webcam can be used as screensaver too, but an Internet connection is needed for this feature.
The good thing is that Free Webcam Watcher allows its users to add new webcams to the database by writing down a name, a URL and a refresh rate. Existing locations include Hamburg, Hong Kong, Sydney, Paris and New York.
Free Webcam Watcher is obviously a resource-friendly application and while it runs flawlessly on most Windows versions, it fails to load on Windows 7, most likely due to compatibility issues.
As you can see, everything’s pretty easy to use and only basic computer knowledge is required, but a help section is also available, just in case you need more documentation on a specific feature.
Overall, Free Webcam Watcher is clearly a handy product, but more updates and fixes are needed in order to become the powerful tool we all want. It’s a good thing that it allows users to add new webcams, but the built-in database needs to include many more entries. collects software information directly from original developers using software submission form. Sometimes we may need to indicate software submission origin

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· Pre-boot Access Control in CompuSec requires you to enter your user ID and password before the system will boot up.
· Once authentication is completed, CompuSec will automatically log you into the windows environment and provide a screen saver lock as well.
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· SafeLan – Encrypt files and folders on a server
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