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Historic Urban Modeler (HUMM) is a simple to use polygonal modeling program with a few unique features. The program exports a VRML, X3D, X3Dv and COLLADA formats. This makes the program useful as it is easy to use and can produce high-quality models.
HUMM comes with 3D meshes, geometries, decals, skeletons, etc. that can be created in any of the supported formats. This makes it easy for even the inexperienced 3D artist to make great models in a matter of minutes.
Additionally, the program is very easy to use. You can add new geometries and meshes in various views and even turn the 3D view on and off.
HUMM provides 3D views such as Ortho, Perspective and Top-down, all of which allow you to view the 3D models that you have created from any of the supported file formats.
You can also view the 3D model from various angles that are created by the program.
* View 3D Ortho, Top-down or Perspective
* Zoom in and out with the mouse
* Rotate with the mouse
* Choose what parts of the model you want to display in the 3D view
* Turn the 3D view on and off
* Export your models in.VRML,.X3D,.X3Dv, and.COLLADA
* Lots of other features

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“The Hadoop environment is a big data platform, and many organizations are trying to utilize the power of Hadoop to meet business challenges. While Hadoop is an open source platform, it has not been designed from the ground up with deployment in mind, and as such, enterprises have to build Hadoop on top of their existing IT infrastructure. With Enhydra Octopus, you can connect your Hadoop environment to existing enterprise databases, rather than doing everything in Hadoop.

“Octopus provides the most flexible platform for data integration. Enhydra Octopus is designed with flexibility and extensibility in mind, allowing you to create your own custom workflows and easily add new data sources, fields and aggregations. Using JavaScript, XML transformations, and the data map API, Octopus allows you to model your data in the most intuitive and adaptable way.”

This issue is about the yum packages for Oracle on Linux (Ubuntu).
I have already set up an oracle software repository on the server (offline).

I installed the full Oracle environment for my application.

I installed the Oracle Database client.

I created an Oracle database.

I downloaded the Enhydra Octopus for JDBC Driver 6.4.0

I downloaded the yum repository

I disabled the default yum repository on the server.

I executed the Oracle software installation.

My problem is that after the installation, the Oracle software works, the database is operational but Enhydra Octopus does not recognize the Oracle database.

From what I have read and I also looked at the Oracle site, I have installed the Sun Java JDBC Driver for the different versions. So I have downloaded the Oracle JDBC driver 6.4.0 and the OracleJDBC14b

I then created the following two rpm files:



Using this command, I was able to create the db_jdbc.jar file and then use it in Enhydra Octopus.

When I run Enhydra Octopus it looks for the jars and does not find the db_jdbc.jar.

If I download the db_jdbc.jar it says the file has a problem.

How do I make Enhydra Octopus recognize the Oracle JDBC driver?

Update : I have

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