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KeyMacro is an automated system of tracking satellites and calculating positions of the related celestial bodies. It is useful for both amateur and professional astronomers. It can be used for automatic monitoring of astronomical and geophysical events (e.g. eclipses, conjunctions, occultations, and transits). You can set up the eclipse path, the selected observer, and decide whether to compare the data from multiple simultaneous observers, to generate a positional map, or to have an automatic email notification about the forthcoming events.
The app features an easy to use interface, user-friendly operation, and you can make modifications to the settings or even edit the data at any time. The database can be configured via parameters or via a visual user interface. The user may also create and modify a satellite list (e.g. the fixed one, or the full list including the virtual ones).
KeyMacro offers the following features:
– Automatic monitoring of celestial events from an unlimited number of observers
– Interactive and automatic data editing
– Tracking of the relative positions of the celestial bodies (satellites, planets, moon, sun, asteroids, and others)
– Complete monitoring of the celestial events
– Calculating the event time and position
– Interactive and automatic email notification about the upcoming events
– Automatic synchronization of the Internet time
– Internet time sync (real-time and manual)
– Satellite editor for additional satellite information
– Database allows for tracking satellites from an unlimited number of observers
– Map mode allows you to select the size of the map, or to view it from the space
– Weather info mode allows you to select a region with high quality data and receive notifications about the upcoming weather events
– Map export can be enabled for a particular observer, or for all the observers
– Map export option enables you to convert the map into a text or vector file
– Show satellites on a particular map (up to 5 observers and 10 satellites)
– Set the parameters for an observer
– Choose the time window for a particular observer
– Calculate the geocentric distance between the Earth and the Moon
– Define the Sun’s angle (Dec, RA, and the Altitude)
– Define the Moon’s azimuth and elevation
– Define the selected region of the sky
– Choose the type of graph (dashed, solid, line with 3rd point, line with 2nd point, and bar graph)
– Display a summary of the monitored events ( d82f892c90

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The digital lock service provided by KMA is a great tool to protect your business’s digital assets and an essential component of modern business management. Enforce strong and trustworthy digital authentication on your websites, corporate intranet, extranet, online stores and back-up solutions. In addition, the web service allows you to share information among your internal systems and provide your users access to information when they need it.

Thank you for your feedback. Your feedback is important to us!


Turn On The Business Lock:

Log in to the KMA Control Panel to access the business lock service

On the Business Locks panel, click on the arrow next to the business lock name to access the business lock settings.

Click on Enable to turn on the business lock. You will now need to reset your pass phrase to access the business lock. Once you enter your new pass phrase, you will need to wait for 2-5 minutes for KMA to allow the business lock to take effect.

After the lock has been enabled, users with appropriate access rights will no longer be able to login to the system.

To turn the business lock off, follow the same instructions as above, but instead click on Disable.

In the future, you can only access your locked account using your new pass phrase.

Website Security:

Login to the KMA Control Panel

Under Web Services, click on Domain Lock

In the Domain Lock Settings panel, check the box to lock the website (and any subdomains) for one hour. Enter a new pass phrase, then click on Save Settings.

To view your Domain Lock Settings, login to your KMA Control Panel, and click on the Domain Lock Settings link.

You can always view your Domain Lock Settings and change your Domain Lock settings by clicking on the icon next to Domain Lock Settings in your Control Panel.

User Security:

Login to the KMA Control Panel

In the User Management panel, click on User Security

You can add additional Active Directory users to this role to restrict which pages or services users can access.

Click on the plus icon to add a new Active Directory user, or click on the existing name to edit the user.

KMA’s staff will review your request and respond within one business day.

We provide e-mail notification of review requests. You will receive an e-mail whenever we make a

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