Magazine Fashion Issue 18 Torrent PORTABLE


Magazine Fashion Issue 18 Torrent

theres two holes for a single 120mm radiator, and if theres one type of fan that can be used to pump some serious air, its the noctua. weve tested them before, and if there are any holes to be filled with air, it is noctuas job. for the torrent, theres two in the front section, and one in the base, and they blow out over the motherboard, causing even more positive air pressure in the case.

the last custom feature that fractal design offers is the option to paint the case white or black, in order to change the look of the case. i personally wouldnt use it, as its just too obvious that youve made a choice here, but if thats you, it is possible. the torrent also comes with 5 tool-free tool-free drive mounts, and it can easily take 2 5.25in drives, as well as 2 3.5in drives. there are also cable routing holes in the base of the case, so you can route them however you like.

there are a few versions of the torrent, but the one that weve got on test is the top of the range, the meshify 2. this model has the mesh panels in the front, a mesh roof section, as well as mesh on the sides. there are also two 120mm fans in the front, and three 140mm fans in the base, and the case can take a total of six 120mm fans, and six 140mm fans.

the future of photography has been an ongoing collaboration between n-photo and leading industry experts from around the globe. its leading contributors include airpano, sneakernet, canon rumors, dpreview and digital photo review, and the magazine is edited by airpano.

n-photo has been committed to long-term partnerships with industry leaders and editors from around the globe. as such, contributors from future of photography include airpano, sneakernet, canon rumors, dpreview and digital photo review, and the magazine is edited by airpano.

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