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Dead Space 3 Theme contains 13 high-quality background images inspired by the Dead Space game series. With a resolution of 1920×1200, these wallpapers can be used to customize your desktop.
Also, it includes 4 logon screen images. If you are a Dead Space enthusiast, you will surely enjoy this theme!
This is the DEMO version.
After purchasing this product, you will receive file containing both the.wma and.jpg version, organized in folders and subfolders, as well as 4 logon screen images.
For Windows 7, 8 and 10, the.wma and.jpg versions are in.jpg format and the 4 logon screen images are in.bmp format.
For Windows Vista, please download and install the new “WMA2JPG” codec in order to be able to play the.wma files
WMA2JPG Codec Download Link
These are the 4 logon screen images of the theme.
How to install a theme?
1. Drag-and-drop the file onto your desktop.
2. Right-click on the theme and select “Apply theme”.
3. Select “Apply theme to:…”, and click “OK”.
How to uninstall a theme?
Drag-and-drop the file onto your desktop.
Right-click on the theme and select “Delete theme”.
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Audio Mixer Player is a simple, yet efficient audio mixer that can play multiple audio files at the same time, with the possibility to enhance the mixes with audio effects.
While it manages to accomplish its purpose, the program is not a professional mixing or DJ-ing tool, therefore those seeking for a more advanced application are advised to keep looking. Audio Mixer Player is destined for home use, able to entertain small crowds, such as your group of friends.
Audio Mixer Player comes in an out-of-the-box package, which contains a portable executable file. With the installation process out of the way, users can simply double-click the container and get acquainted with the user interface.
Here, you will find eight different channels, to which you can assign different songs. With support for formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV, SWA, AU and RA, the application allows you to combine your favorite tunes in a central interface, where basic playback controls are provided.
You can use effects such as V Lock or Loop and adjust the volume for each channel using stylish sliders. Transitions can be achieved by playing a song on top of another and pausing the first one when the time is right, as there are no options to customize the fading process.
There’s also the possibility to change the appearance of the interface; you can switch between the two available skins by the press of a button, if you get bored.
In conclusion, Audio Mixer Player is a simplistic approach to song mixing. It was designed mainly for entertainment purposes and is easy to operate, even by beginners.

Sound Forge Audio Studio is an advanced audio editing application that is widely used in a range of industries. Among its features, Sound Forge Audio Studio includes a powerful set of audio effect plugins. You can use these plugins to manipulate your audio in many different ways. Here are some of the most useful effects:

Noise Suppression: This is a very useful effect that allows you to eliminate unwanted noise from your audio files. If you are working with a lot of talk, for instance, this can be a great tool to keep your files clean. You can use it with professional voices as well.

Normalize Volume: This can be used to set a specified output volume level for your audio. This way you can maintain the exact volume you have for each file you add.

Compression: This can be used to reduce the volume of your audio. This is very helpful if

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