Middle of the Moment (Nicolas Humbert

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The numbers don’t lie: Hundreds of people are being arrested every day at the border. In some places, I saw dozens, and they were often separated by chain-link fence.

Kneeling, I was able to touch the plastic lining that forms the bottom of a detainee’s shoe. The lining is meant to help them walk normally and also to drain off the water that collects in the bottom of their shoes. The shoes are special, but not even the slightest hint of paint on the bottom seems to exist.

I saw broken glass — no doubt from throwing bottles back and forth at the border — and then I walked into a detention center and saw two closed metal cages, one on either side of a long hallway. There were 25 people in each of the cages, which were 10 feet wide and 18 feet long, with metal bars all around.

In my time in El Paso, I didn’t meet any women, children or men who had crossed the border illegally and were being held for ICE to detain them, or for them to be deported. My focus was exclusively on men arrested at the border by ICE officers.

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