Miopocket 4.0 Release 68 11 PORTABLE

Miopocket 4.0 Release 68 11 PORTABLE


Miopocket 4.0 Release 68 11

Installing MioPocket on the MY60T appeared to be a pretty simple affair. After copying across the needed files to my SD card and creating the required folder (the folder name for the MY60T is SEEKER2_T500E) I restarted my device and was presented with the MioPocket install screen. I ran MioPocket and it appeared to install without a hitch, triggering a reboot of my device. However when it started back up again I recieved an error Application MortScript.exe encountered a serious error and must shut down and my Navman froze. Removing the SD card and rebooting the device allowed it to come good again but I was unfortunately unable to use MioPocket.

I finally got MioPocket 3 to work! Initially, the MP Settings icon was working, but I still couldnt get it to launch the nav program (iGo Primo). BTW, the same mod to StartupMenu is necessary as with ver 4. Anyway, I played around with the GAPI settings (icon on settings page) to select an alternate GAPI setting (or something like that) because the Mag 1424 was not in the list of devices. I think I also modified the Unit.xml file to only load application 175 at startup. This might have helped.

So, I upgraded my MioPocket over to 4.0. Everything seemed to work fine with MioPocket, it loaded up, powered on, connected to my device (iGo Primo) and it found my devices satellites and planes. The program would close after I tried to launch an application, but after removing the SD card and rebooting the device everything seemed to be back to normal.

I’d like to thank Steve of i-novo for answering my email about his device, although the unit wasnt giving me any particular trouble. I discovered that the GAPI installer wasnt working. It would find his device, open it and let you install the GAPI but every time I tried to install MioPocket it wouldnt work. The program would find all the satellites and planes and would show them as being attached to his device, but you could launch none of them and none of them would launch (only apps in the StartUpMenu would start). I reinstalled the GAPI installer and it appeared to work for a while, then it would start giving me the error “No Device Found” when trying to install MioPocket. After a few more tries I got MioPocket installed successfully, launched the nav program (iGo Primo) and everything appeared to be fine, but I found that iGo Primo crashed with the error “Unable to allocate hardware resource” when opening NavMan. This was because the GAPI installer didnt seem to have installed NavMan correctly and I couldnt install it because the GAPI installer wouldnt install MioPocket correctly. So, I put my device on the GAPI installer’s repair tool. This app worked fine and allowed the installer to install NavMan and MioPocket. In my experience, none of the GAPI application installer’s need repairing but the repair tool did. NavMan has recently been updated and it appears to be fine, but MioPocket still crashed with the error “Unable to allocate hardware resource”. Removing and reattaching the SD card showed the app in the Task Manager.

I also updated MioPocket to the latest build that was available and got it installed. There were a few problems found (in the forums) though, namely the problem that the Arrow key stopped working (which someone has worked out why this is). Other issues/bugs that arose were that the system search option for folder and file still (still?) had a slight delay on the search button, and that no matter what I tried, when I selected one of the update profiles, it just stuck on “starting” and never did anything.
I also took the plunge and upgraded my Vista 64bit dual core machine to Win 7 Ultimate x64 and the download and install was relatively painless, however, one thing I did notice was that when I loaded down one of the profile folders (in this case, the first profile I downloaded), it still came with the Vista 32 bit MioPocket4.0_release6811mios.hczip file. I decided to just delete it and just install the x64 version.
Finally! For some reason, I have not been able to get MioPocket to install/load correctly or update. I downloaded the latest version of MioPocket and the latest release of the ipkg (Mios 1.3.1). I did as the site instructed but when I try to install MioPocket from inside my USB drive it does not detect it. I have tried different USB ports and back-ups. I have also tried keeping my computer on and off while it is plugged into the Megellan with no luck (although the Megellan will show MioPocket loading when off). The fact that I can not get it to work means that it is probably not a Windows issue, although I may be missing something.
I did find a post on another forum from a user who had a similar problem. The first possibility he suggested was to go into the menus in the MioPocket and try turning off the route options so that it does not send all the data it has already collected back to the Satnav and then turn it back on and use it on the road. This worked, although the navigation was still incredibly inaccurate.