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Use the date selector in the settings window to define which dates you want to use and the filter to change the content of the table. You can see a calculation of your current hourly rate for each date and add any overtime to it as well. Add holiday or vacation days to your calendar. You can add a comment for each day.

Easy to use!

Very easy to use! All you have to do is click the “Add New Date” button. The program will add the date and time to your table. Add your hours, and you’re done.

Quick and Intuitive!

Easy to add and remove dates. Select a date that you want and click on the ‘Add New Date’ button. Add your hours and the program will add the date and time to your table. Easy to use!

Additional features:

Add hours by clicking the “Add Hour” button and enter the hours for the date you want to edit.

Add Overtime

The program allows you to add your overtime hours and add a comment if you wish. For example, if you’re working 40 hours a week, and you’re doing 8 hours of overtime, you would enter 8 hours in Overtime column. The program would add 8 hours to your hours column.

View Hourly Rate and Overtime

To view the Hourly Rate and Overtime, click on the “Hourly Rate” or “Overtime” column, and the program will display the amount for each date in the table.

Add a Note to Each Date

You can click on the “Add Note” button and enter the note for the date you want to edit.

Save/Restore Note

You can click on the “Save Note” button to save the note. You can click on the “Restore Note” button to restore the note.

Note: This version is upgraded from the earlier version. You can import the old notes and use them.

Fixed problem with only one date remaining in table after the “Add New Date” button was pressed.

Fixed problem with only one date remaining in table after the “Add Hour” button was pressed.

Fixed problem where only hour format was shown instead of both hour and minute.

Fixed problem with task sheet navigation.

New function added to import notes to table.

Minor corrections to the interface.

The Options window now remembers the last selected note/task eea19f52d2

The freeware version of AutoZip for Outlook does not require a license fee, and is available for you for free. You can use it on your PC without any payment as well as on your network and share it with your family and friends.
This program is constantly being improved and expanded on. AutoZip for Outlook is one of the fastest converters for Outlook.
* What’s new in AutoZip for Outlook 4.0
* Improved support for Office 2000/2003/2007/2010
* Use AutoZip for Outlook with all programs in your Office 365 subscription
* Automatic import of e-mails from other applications, e.g. Eudora
* Added support for opening compressed e-mails from other sources such as Webmail
* Improved support for Outlook 2010
* Improved support for Office 365 subscription
* Bug fixes and other improvements.
AutoZip for Outlook Download
Download AutoZip for Outlook

Automate Outlook to move Email Clients
One of the most common problems users have to deal with is how to migrate multiple email clients. Here is an easy way to automate this task.

AutoFixer is a professional repair utility that can repair all the known data recovery errors, optimize and clean up your hard drive, backup your files, uninstall all the unused applications and many other useful functions.

Features of AutoFixer:
1. Detect and repair:
– Detect the errors as they occur and let you know about them.
– Set the scanner to run automatically when Windows boots up.
– Scan and Repair your hard drive to make it faster and less likely to crash.
– Uninstall applications
– Optimize your hard drive to free up space.
– Optimize Windows to get the best performance out of your computer.
– Use safe mode to troubleshoot or reset your Windows settings.
– Repair/optimize your registry to make Windows run faster and use less memory.
– Fix hardware and device driver problems with ease.
– Remove invalid Windows shortcuts.
2. Delete Junk Files:
– Automatic clean up
– Delete useless files
– Delete temporary files
– Delete old backups
– Delete temporary files
3. Run Process:
– Start application and wait for completion
– Run application as administrator
– Run application for a specific amount of time
– Run application for a specific amount of time and wait for completion
– Run application for a specific amount of time, then terminate it
– Force terminate application.
– Force

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