KeyMACRO is a piece of freeware that provides the same function as the “Windows” keyboard macro recorder utility.
KeyMACRO enables you to record sequences of keyboard shortcuts, which can be later executed in order or as a group. This way, you can easily create macros without spending too much time on it.
KeyMACRO supports three input methods: mouse, keyboard, or clipboard. In the “Hot Keys” tab, you can easily record a shortcut sequence that can be activated by a hot key. All the macros are grouped in the “Macro Group” section. This section is arranged in a tree-like format, where each node or leaf represents a distinct shortcut sequence. In order to run a macro, you need to select it by clicking on it and press a shortcut key. By default, KeyMACRO starts recording a macro when you press the Spacebar, the Enter key or the Escape key. It is possible to change the starting shortcut keys, choose the hot key that will be used to execute the macro, and select the shortcut keys that will be assigned to other macro sequences.
Besides the “Hot Keys” section, KeyMACRO has the following tabs: “Macro”, “Shortcuts” and “Utilities”. The first tab offers a simple interface for running or editing macros. It includes two additional buttons. The first one allows you to run the macro you have recorded. The other one runs a macro you have defined. The “Macro” tab enables you to define a new macro. This tab also features a record button, which launches the “Hot Keys” interface. The “Shortcuts” tab enables you to assign shortcut keys to macro sequences. Once a macro is defined, you can assign any shortcut key to it. Moreover, you can use a shortcut key in multiple macro sequences. This section has three options that enable you to edit the current macro and assign a new shortcut key to it. The “Utilities” tab shows a small application that allows you to execute a macro with a hot key. You can change the default action of the hot keys that you assign to a macro, as well as the default action of a macro that has not been assigned to any hot key.
KEYMACRO Main Features:
– Easy to record sequences of hot keys;
– Supports three input methods: mouse, keyboard, or clipboard;
– Supports three macros: Hot Keys, Run Macro, and Edit Macro;
– You can assign a single hot key to multiple macro sequences 84e02134c1

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Protect your business and personal data
KEYMACRO is a hardware-based cryptographic USB token that adds extra security to your Windows-based computer. It lets you conduct online banking securely, do secure online shopping and keep your information safe with e-mail.
Manufacturer: Triton, Inc.
Cipher Specifications:
The WPA2 standard, which meets or exceeds the WPA standard
One-time passphrase for USB
Enables H.264, MPEG-4 and Flash for online video and multimedia playback
Encryption algorithm AES
Perfect password strength with built-in Grame
Key Exchange:
RC4 Algorithm
RC4 Key Length
8, 16, 32 and 64-bit
Password Strength:
It allows selecting the length of the password, i.e. 7, 8, 9 or 10 characters
Displays the characters in order from highest to lowest
Makes sure that passwords are not the same for different accounts
Randomly chooses the appropriate encryption method based on the password length
Generates a new cryptographic key for each login
Personal, business and educational
Usable by:
Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
Key Features:
Secures your USB port
Adds an extra layer of security to online banking, shopping and other on-line activities
Works with popular web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera
Shows you a verification code on the screen
Compatible with:
Configure it manually for Windows 2000 and Windows XP
And automatically for Windows Vista and Windows 7
Lock time:
It sets the amount of time that a user can access the USB key before requiring a password
It allows you to authorize access to the USB key by a particular person
It sets the maximum number of times that a person can access the USB key before requiring a password
It lets you configure the USB key with a PIN
User-friendly interface
It shows the PIN on the screen
Keymacro OS Compatibility:
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
The USB tokens integrate the card reader into the computer or mobile device and have a strong, one-time password. The use of the token is similar to using a hardware token for extra layer of security and, therefore, it can be used in some cases where a regular token would not be accepted.
Vista/7 and Windowsрљсѓрїррѕрёрµ-рі-сѓрѕрµрісѓ-snow-boys-fun-vid-caps/

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