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SpeedTest has been around since 2006, and remains a pretty standard choice. However, it offers an interface that doesn’t require any effort from the user, and is a straightforward download and install.
Zing has evolved considerably over the past couple of years, but remains a solid test app and is often the tool of choice for real-time speed tests. Its interface is a bit clunky, however. Also, the tool can occasionally be buggy.
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This module is designed to allow programmers to simply integrate functions directly into their projects or scripts. It works like a standard macro, except that the result of a KEYMACRO expression is the result of the running program, rather than the string that would normally be displayed by a macro. In other words, KEYMACROs are turned into functions, and the result of a KEYMACRO expression is the result of the function it calls.

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The program will backup original file with a “*.saved” extension.
After the backup is completed, you can change the extension of original file to “*.saved” to perform the backup of this file.
The backup directory is determined automatically by the first-time launched the program. If the directory is changed, the program will restore it.

After the program is installed, it may automatically find and backup the target file.
The program will save backup files to a directory determined by the program, which is usually:
%APPDATA%\Parameter Spy

This directory may be changed to any directory you want.
This directory should be saved after the target file is changed, the backup is finished.
The backup file will be stored in the same directory with “*.saved” extension, and the backup file name will be as “backup_orig_”, where “” is the original filename of the file to be backed up.
The backup file is shown in the directory after the program is launched.
Restore function
After the original file is changed, the program will restore the backup file to the original file.

The backup file should be saved before the program is launched.
The directory where the backup file is saved is determined by the original file. If it is not determined, the program will use the directory where the program is installed.
The backup file is shown when the program is launched.
It will ask you to select a file from the directory where the program is installed to restore the backup file. If the program is installed in the %APPDATA%\Parameter Spy directory, the program will ask you to select the file from this directory.

The program is powered by the main application, which is required for installation and operation. It has a user interface to provide convenient operation in use.
The program may be used to backup an executable file, batch file, and shortcut file. The program may also be used to restore the backup file to its original file.
Batch mode
Create a batch file which sets the original file as the default.
When you launch Parameter Spy to backup or restore the original file, Parameter Spy will launch the main application for you to backup or restore the file.

The batch file uses the %PATH% variable to set the directory where Parameter Spy is installed, and thus to save the backup file.

Using Parameter Spy


What’s New In Parameter Spy?

Parameter Spy is a lightweight and useful piece of software designed to help you find parameters of a launched file. It backs up and replaces original file and shows a message box with parameters passed when it launched by a launcher or another executable. Parameter Spy also restores its backup file.
Here are some key features of “Parameter Spy”:
■ Backup function
■ Freeware

Parameter Spy
Vladimir Naumenko
Release Date:


List of Updates:


System Requirements:

Windows 7 SP1 64-bit/Windows 8/Windows 8.1 64-bit
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R9 270 or better
1 GHz Dual-Core Processor
2 GB Memory
1024×768 Display Resolution
DirectX Version 11.0
Windows 10 64-bit
AMD Radeon R9 380 or better
Mac OS X 10.9.5 Intel Processor

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