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1. The title of an album can be changed in a drop-down menu.
2. You can change all the lyrics of an album in the lyrics editor, select a sample of an album song from the list.
3. The lyrics editor supports text importing from external files.
4. You can remove lyrics from a song or a list of songs.
5. You can change the visibility of a song or album in the playlist.
6. You can add keywords or tags to a song, an album, a playlist or a smart group.
7. You can change the repeat mode of a song, album or a smart group.
8. You can set a smart playlist to repeat songs, albums or a smart group.
9. You can change the owner of a smart group.
10. You can delete a song, an album, a playlist, a smart group or an artist.
11. You can organize your music albums in a catalogue.

KeyMACRO is an external application for Mac OS X. The only requirement is a TCP/IP (or other) network connection.

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You can assign layer-specific macros for the keys. In a bottom layer, you can assign independent settings for each and every key, ranging from automation to other settings. Each layer can be customized according to your needs, so it can be used as a great polyphonic multi-vocal instrument.
Offline Midi-Mapping:
You can assign any device to any device in the interface. You can also mix the tones produced in each layer in order to create your own personal sound.
Synthix is based on the famous BEHRINGER XENYX synthesizer engine.
Everything you want is in this release, in terms of standard features, and some new, never seen before features:
· 8 standard layers of sounds : Channel 1: 16 Step LFO: FM, Sub Oscillator: Oscillators, Oscillator Envelope: Envelopes, Filter Envelope: Envelopes, Filtro Amortecedor: Filters, Envelope Modulator: LFO, Osc. Modulator: LFO, Delay: LFO, Envelope LFO: LFO, Distorsion: Filter Envelope, Delay: Delay, Envelope Delay: Envelope Delay, LFO Delay: LFO Delay
· 2 layered arpeggiators : Ring and Sequencer
· 2 layered sequencers
· 2 polyphonic Glide/Pulse
· 2 Polyphonic Mixing routings
· 2 independent arpeggiators per layer
· 2 independent set of settings for each layer
· 2 main volumeters (for each layer)
· 2 independent adjustments for each layer
· 2 independent modulation routings
· 2 independent sets of Glide/Pulse
· 2 independent manual volume setting
· 2 independent effects, that you can access directly from the main menu
· 2 independent Control Voltage settings
· 2 independent Delay settings
· 2 independent Filters settings
· 2 independant LFO settings
· 2 independant Filter settings
· 2 independant Delay settings
· 2 independant effects
· 2 independant Envelope settings
· 2 independant Control voltage settings
· 2 independant Oscillator settings
· 2 independant Osc. Envelope settings
· 2 independant Modulation routings
· 2 independant LFO settings
· 2 independant Delay settings
· 2 independant Envelope settings
· 2 independant


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