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Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard application for image editing. Many graphic design programs also offer similar tools. Many graphic designers may be intimidated by Photoshop or simply not have the skills required to use it. However, with basic knowledge and a few hours of training, just about anyone can learn to use Photoshop’s powerful tools and create outstanding images.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Photoshop’s layers. Layers are the basic building blocks of a Photoshop document.

Overview of Layers

Layers in Photoshop are essentially containers or buckets in which you can store different types of editing steps. These steps consist of adjustments, selections, filters and layers of other images. When you add layers, you then start a new container so that you can store items like the ones listed previously.

When you apply changes to an image, Photoshop creates a new layer over the old one, which enables you to keep your changes and reverse them.

You can add new layers, move or delete existing layers, insert or remove controls, and use the Layers window for other functions.

Step by Step: How to Create Layers in Photoshop

Creating a Layer

This first step is the simplest and most important: after you’ve created a new document, create a new layer.

In the Layers window, click on the New Layer icon ( ) in the New Layer group.

The New Layer dialog box will appear with a default name such as aiLayer1 and a transparent color of black.

Add a new layer.

Inserting a Layer

To insert a new layer, click on the Layer Control button ( ) at the bottom of the Layers window to bring the Layers window to focus.

Scroll to the top of the Layers window and press Ctrl+L (Win) or Cmd+L (Mac) to make a new layer.

Select a new layer.


You can select a new layer by moving it from the Layers window to the active area of the Photoshop document. To do this, select the layer thumbnail in the Layers window and press Ctrl+Alt+Enter (Win) or Cmd+Ctrl+Enter (Mac). Alternatively, you can select the layer thumbnail in the Layers panel and press Enter (Win) or Return (Mac).

Move a layer.

You can also select a layer and drag it to another area of your

Photoshop CC 2019 (Latest)

Before you buy Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019, here are some of its top features.

Recommended: The Best Graphic Design Programs

1. Professional Photo Editing

It has almost all features of professional photo editing software like advanced retouching, color, and black & white manipulations, gradient and several specialized filters.

The highlight is the inbuilt retouching tools for removing blemishes, adjusting facial features, and fixing other common problems, like color correction, dodging, burning, dodging, or cloning. You can choose any of these features by clicking on the specific tool in the toolbox.

Additionally, you can create color schemes for photos. The color scheme editor allows you to pick from a list of colors, create your own, save or apply the color scheme. You can also select from a variety of themes.

In this 2019 release, there is a new lens blur option which gives professional results on a number of lens types, including telephoto, wide-angle, and macro. You can apply a barrel, soft focus, or both to create various blur effects.

Another advantage of Elements 2019 is the Lens Correction. It automatically corrects most common types of lens distortion such as pincushion or barrel. You can choose to either delete or add distortion to the image.

You can also reduce distortion using the Custom Rectangle tool which you can utilize to create Crop tool box or Crop tool.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 also includes a set of Photo Filters. These filters are lightweight and quick. They are great for creating dreamy or retro images using a variety of filters such as liquefy, smoke, watercolor, desaturated color, tone and more.

You can apply 20 free textures to your images, which are perfect for the desired style. In addition, you can use the enhanced Magic Wand tool to delete pixels from an image in a snap. You can also crop an image with the magnetic Lasso or Polygon tools and remove elements or objects with the eraser tool.

2. Retouching & Editing Tools

You can use the healing tool to clean up blemishes and other imperfections. You can also remove unwanted backgrounds and objects from an image.

You can work on your images in various sizes and shapes. You can even crop and resize the image to perfectly match your desired size.

You can also apply the Liquify tool which gives control over images by adding,

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What’s New In Photoshop CC 2019?

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