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Pocket Guide is a small and simple desktop application that gives you a full control over your computing environment. Just use it and watch the results of the widgets below – they will make your desktop look cool as never before.
– Battery
– Notifications
– CPU Usage
– Recordings
– Mailbox
– Real Time Clock
– Network Status
– Network Status Widget
– CPU Usage Widget
– CPU Usage Widget
– Recycle Bin
– Recycle Bin Widget
– Screen
– Screen Widget
– Desktop
– Desktop Widget
– Mail
– Mail Widget
– Alarm
– Alarm Widget
– Weather
– Weather Widget
– Files
– Files Widget
– Library
– Library Widget
– Calendar
– Calendar Widget
– Notes
– Notes Widget
– Messages
– Messages Widget
– Music
– Music Widget
– Radios
– Radios Widget
– Clock
– Clock Widget
– Clock Widget
– Clock Widget
– Clock Widget
– Calendar Widget
– Calculator
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget
– Calculator Widget

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KeyMACRO is a smart keyboard for Mac. With KeyMACRO, you can type a word with just a single click.
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With KeyMACRO, you can type a word with just a single click. It’s easy to press just one of the keys.
KeyMACRO connects to your Mac and logs in automatically. You can share your Mac with your friends and family.
To help you type quickly and accurately, it gives you two alternative ways to type.
When you move your cursor, it can guide you to the right position.
● Quick and Easy
Press keys quickly.
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● Comes with two ways to type
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For UK English, press Option-Space to type in uppercase.
● Convenient
Automatically connect your Mac
● Support for both Macs and iOS devices
Works on all Mac and iOS devices.
● Works on iMessage, GMail, and Yahoo!
KeyMACRO works with iMessage, GMail, and Yahoo!.
● Works with only one mouse
Works with your Mac or mobile phone. No need to use two different mice.
● Requires no configuration
No configuration needed. Works with any Mac.
● Works with iOS devices
Works with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
● Tries to prevent accidental clicks
Tries to avoid accidental clicks.
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If you want to use keyboard shortcuts, you can.
● History of keystroke
You can review the keystroke history.
● Automatically detect keyboard layout
KeyMACRO automatically detects the keyboard layout.
● Can be installed in any language
KeyMACRO can be installed in any language.
● Free of charge
Free of charge.
● Easily adjustable
KeyMACRO can be adjusted easily.
● Easy to add your keys
KeyMACRO can easily add a key.
● Easy to set up
KeyMACRO can easily set up.
● It’s free of charge
KeyMACRO is free of charge.
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KeyMACRO has no hidden charges.
● Family friendly
KeyMACRO is family friendly

Pocket Guide Download [Latest]

The Pocket Guide Widget enables you to have a full view of all your settings and system information. It displays your CPU load, battery state, FM Channels, and account name from all your email accounts like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, AIM, ICQ, and so on. Also, it displays the
Recycle Bin information, the recycle bin monitor, and the view of the waste items. The recycle bin monitor is a very important part of this widget because if the information of the waste
items goes beyond a certain amount, the Widget will automatically close it

Pocket Guide Features:
This widget has very useful features, such as:
– Displays the CPU load, battery state, FM Channels and your account name.
– Displays the recycle bin information, so that user know when to free disk space.
– Tells how much space is occupied by the waste items.
– When the recycle bin information exceeds a certain level, the widget closes it down.

We hope you find this widget useful, give us your suggestions and questions at our mail box, Thank You.


Web widgets and online desktop widgets were the solution for what you are trying to do. Desktop widgets allow you to integrate the widget in the desktop of your users’ computer.
From the WebWidgets website:

Web widgets integrate the capabilities of a web page into the
browser of a desktop or mobile device. By doing this, a web widget
provides an in-browser representation of the contents of the widget,
making it easier for users to access your site’s content.

Several online desktop widget services exist that allow you to install and manage your widgets online. For example, you can use Google Widgets with Google Gadgets.
There is a Google Widget gallery, from which you can select the Google Widget that you want to use in your page.

I’ve been using Google Widgets for a while, but have recently started using the Google Gadgets for it. I can see the advantages of each, but only use one because of the limitations of the other. However, the most important feature of both is that you can manage them from a Google page.

Kim Ju-kyu

Kim Ju-kyu (born 15 January 1990) is a South

What’s New in the?

This guide widget displays the recycle bin information, so that user know when to free disk space. It also tells how much space is occupied by the waste items.
Not only this, it also checks Gmail and Yahoo! mail. It displays CPU load, battery state, FM Channels, and your account name.


* 2015-01-21 1.0 new version
* 2015-01-19 1.0 version
* 2014-10-23 0.9.1 updated to work with email.
* 2014-10-22 0.9 version

If you like this widget, please rate this Widget (Doesn’t take very long, you know)

How to use:

To install this widget, open a new note or an existing note, and go to ‘format’ dropdown menu

You will find this widget under ‘Developer Extras’ as a default widget. So you can see the option ‘widget’ under the developer icon of your note

Add this widget to your home screen by pressing the add button, widget menu will be added to the note of the home screen

You can remove the widget by pressing the ‘X’ of the widget. And then when you select the widget on your home screen again, widget menu will be available for removal of the widget



You are allowed to redistribute this widget, as long as it is free of charge.


The author of this widget, Prashant Chatterjee,


How to make a ggplot legend with different colors

Here is the picture I get from the code below:

Here is my code
ggplot(data = newdata, aes(x = Region, y = Date, fill = Facility)) +
geom_bar(position = position_dodge(width = 0.9)) +
labs(x = “Region”, y = “Date”) +
coord_flip() +
scale_fill_manual(values = c(“#555555”, “#999999”, “#888888”, “#555555”)) +
theme_bw() +
theme(legend.position = “bottom”, legend.direction = “horizontal”, legend.key.size = unit(3, “cm”))

I want to change the fill color of the legend to be different from the color of the bars.
How to do this?


You can change your scale_fill_manual to:
scale_fill_manual(values = c(“#555555”, “#999999”, “#888888”, “#555555”)) +
theme(legend.position = “bottom”, legend.

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Steam account
Access to the Internet via a wired or wireless Internet connection
DirectX 8.1 or later
HD Monitor (recommended)
Minimum 1 GB RAM
Sound Card
Pioneer Selects:
Melee (Battlefield 1)
Dawn of War II: Re-enactment
Dawn of War II: Retribution
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
Warhammer 40,000


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