Portable SolidWorks 2010 SP012 HOT!

Portable SolidWorks 2010 SP012 HOT!

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Portable SolidWorks 2010 SP012

web help content version: solidworks 2017 sp05

to disable web help from within solidworks and use local help instead, click help > use solidworks web help.

to report problems encountered with the web help interface and search, contact your local support representative. to provide feedback on individual help topics, use the feedback on this topic link on the individual topic page.

we’ve added the new portable solidworks 2010 sp012 feature to the solidworks 2017 help content so that our web help will work with it. please update your help content if you’re using solidworks 2017.

when using the native solidworks 2016 windows version you can change the whole ui, the fonts, fonts sizes etc with a small registry edit. if you get that registry edited the new ui settings will be saved for next usage. if you get registry errors about ini file options, go to regedit/ hkey_current_user/software/solidworks2016/engines/properties/settings and change it there.

archives are zip file that store files in compressed form. the archive name may contain the date as well as an id for the file. in the case of portablesolidworks2010sp012 the archive name is portablesolidworks20101022161554.zip and the archive id is portablesolidworks20101022161554. make sure you save it without any name change or extension other than zip on your desktop.

yes, you can create reports (simple tables) using portable solidworks 2010 sp012 portable solidworks 2013 user interface and import them to a spreadsheet program (eg. excel) with ease. following the help in the tutorial picture, i am generating the report below following the order of data in the pcd file that portable solidworks 2015 (review update) opened. it took only 1 click to complete the report, not long at all.

create a new dwg in new drawing and select file/open/add/existing document or folder. browse to the portable solidworks 2010 sp012 zip file with the pcd file you want. right click on the file and select “open”. before you start doing it, make sure your portable solidworks 2010 sp012 portable solidworks 2013 installed in your pc correctly, otherwise the simple steps (1-3) steps below might not work for you.
make sure the pcd file you open in the drawing window contain the structure you want to use, like the report above has a pcd layer, then a structure layer, then a section layer, then a form layer. if you are not sure, open the pcd file in the portable solidworks 2010 sp012 portable solidworks 2013, right click on the pcd layer, then select “export to dwg” to see the structure inside the drawing window. the portable solidworks 2010 sp012 portable solidworks 2013 will automatically open the dwg file you are exporting to. make sure that the structure you exported is the one you want to use.
click file/options/portable/solidworks/advanced/save as dwg to save the file as a dwg file. this is where you see the most powerful features of portable solidworks 2010 sp012 portable solidworks 2013. the advanced save feature allows you to save the file as a dwg file, enable sectioning, make the drawing text in english, make the drawing into a single file, adjust the general properties of the drawing and set the start and end point of each layer in the report.
after you have downloaded the portable version, install it. the installer will check for updates in the registry and then uninstall the old version before installing the new one. both 32 and 64-bit portable versions are supported. the size of the portable version is just above one megabyte (1mb), with most of that taken up by the freedraw accelerators (6kb), and the optional support plug-ins (4kb).the released version has the same version number as the installed version, i.e. you don’t need to download the installer again (not available for vista).file extensions used by pssdx are.dll and.dll.pssx. the compressed version contains only pssdx.dll (the pssdx.pssx extension is not used).the security risk factor: this is an experimental beta version. i cannot guarantee that the program will not corrupt your windows installation. it has the possibility of deleting / corrupting some files on the system.the source code: it is not intended for commercial use. it can be used only for educational purposes. you can share it with friends if you don’t mind. have fun!