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mt hood ( oregon ) is a very popular ski destination for locals and visitors of all ages. it has the best, most known terrain parks, some of the best local hiking trails, and cool stuff to see ( old growth forests ) but it also has some very unsafe terrain for certain conditions. of course, we are down here, trying to sample as much local beer as we can fit into our human-sized stomachs. we arent sure if those bugs were in the beer, but we had some pretty serious stomach issues the next day. so, if youre ever headed west of the mississippi, pack a tent, hiking boots, and a stomach medication. since theres a lot of mountain biking here, we are a bit more naked than usual but you should still expect to see fully clothed folks. this is a good place to be when you want to slow down and try out some new places to have some fun. of course, that doesnt mean you have to try new things without pants!

this is something i saw in louisville, ky at the annual christmas market on jackson square. a patron sat on one of these and looked genuinely sad about how effed up her hair looked after being in a convertible car for a few hours.

i’ve heard that the v2s are more steady than others, but im not sure i believe that. at my current station, i have 4 volts per inch. it has been a few years since i installed a v2, but they were going to take a real hit because of a lot of the problems we are seeing due to drainage issues. basically, there was an old cement headwall and, as the ground underneath began to dry up, the wall sat back even with the ground as the ground continued to shrink. a lot of the time, instead of completely keeping the headwall up, it would just hang on a few inches and everyone would notice it because the rest of the area was completely level. it could potentially make a serious issue for someone on a push bike.

imagine this for the business you are in. for example if your business it’s a cosmetics factory, you can use a roll on mascara or eyeliner applicator that has a sponge as an end. you can make each mascara applicator with a different sponge end. you can do this so that you can customize them depending on customer’s preference.
years ago when the internet was simple, you could just create a profile for yourself and sell your goods through your company and be good to go. it was not easy but it was doable, however, nowadays with the current scams and identity thefts, you need to be extremely cautious with how you market yourself.
the company’s first flagship model, the v6 was introduced in june 2000, after being in development for three years. it has a longitudinally mounted 4.6 liter v8 engine, and produces 350 hp. the year before, the company had made a v8-powered suv, the xts, whose sle line, introduced in 2003, was more successful than the v6, and would be the v6s chief competitor.
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this is very useful for a car and the license plate has been around since the 1800s. if the car is on the road and the owner is not there, the vehicle can not be driven off. it is against the law, and the owner will almost certainly get a ticket if his vehicle is discovered. car tags are adhesive and stay in place even if you live in a state with huge snow falls or have been snowed in.