RemotePad is an open source application that controls the mouse cursor of your desktop PC. This way, you can use your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless touchpad!
– Interface with a single click
– Utilizes your computer’s mouse driver
– Mouse cursor movement is wirelessly sent to the iPhone device
– Settings are located on your desktop
– Works with mouse drivers that support the DIP (Dummy Input Protocol)
– Three mouse button emulation
– Real-time speed control
RemotePad is a PC application which can be downloaded from
Enjoy a single click interface with a wireless touchpad from your desktop.
How to set up RemotePad:
1. Run the RemotePad Server on your PC
2. Install the RemotePad client on your iPhone/iPod touch.
3. The RemotePad client will download and install the PC application.
4. Launch RemotePad and you should see a window displaying your desktop.
5. Use the iPhone touch screen as the mouse and move your finger over the client area.
6. Once your fingertip enters the client area, a red circle will appear over the area that you touched.
7. Once your fingertip leaves the client area, the circle disappears.
8. Do not worry about the cursor! The client will capture the cursor movements for you and it will be displayed on your iPhone screen.
When you are ready to use RemotePad, shut down the RemotePad server by clicking on the RemotePad server icon on your desktop.
You can also open the RemotePad server again and log on to the server to adjust the settings of the remote control program.
To change the settings, in the RemotePad client, on the main screen, select the “Options” tab. You will see all the settings that are currently used in the client.
This can be done for client control only and not for server settings.
To change server settings, in the RemotePad server, in the “Options” tab, select the “Settings” tab.
You will see all the settings that are currently used for the server.
In the Server Options tab, you can add a menu, create a toolbar, a mouse button, and a mouse wheel to control the remote server.
This can be done for client control only and not for server settings.
To close the server program, in the RemotePad server, on the main screen, select eea19f52d2


PRemoteM is a free application that helps you manage your remote sessions, to achieve high performance and practical remote connectivity.
PRemoteM allows you to create several remote sessions to connect to and manage computers, servers, networks, or other devices.
Additionally, PRemoteM gives you the necessary tools to help you keep your remote sessions updated and to properly manage multiple connections.
The application features a very straightforward and friendly interface, allowing you to quickly configure a new connection, and save the details for later reference.
As such, you can power up multiple connections using a single set of parameters. You can easily manage the configurations through your own unique username and password, which then gives you control over all your remote accesses.
While you can easily create, edit, delete, and manipulate all your connections, the application also provides you with a management feature that allows you to monitor the status of all your sessions, modify existing sessions, or even power them up.
To further boost the functionality of this application, the developer provides you with a robust plugin system, allowing you to install and manage third-party modules and functionalities.
PRemoteM Features:
– Remote access connection manager
– Multi-protocol options
– Unlimited connections
– Edit, delete, and modify connections
– Manage sessions and session parameters
– Exports and imports sessions
– RSA security encryption
– Open-source transparent

I have no idea about php because i’m new to it, but maybe you can try to search online for “php remote management” and “php remote access management”.
Hope this helps 🙂

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock, who wrote to Sir Vince Cable, has explained that to his knowledge, The Greens have never been given such a prime ministerial letter.

He went on to say that it was the government’s prerogative to decide the order in which political parties were treated and that there is currently no requirement for them to give a party a head of terms address.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 videoAnomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery.
The following is the first reported case of successful surgical correction of the anomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery. The congenital lesion, which was diagnosed preoperatively, caused myocardial ischaemia resulting in congestive heart failure in this patient. The left coronary artery was