Raabta Subtitle Indonesia Download BEST

Raabta Subtitle Indonesia Download BEST


Raabta Subtitle Indonesia Download

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the audience has so far seen how kalyani and malhar have moved mountains in order to save mokshs life. however, trilok who has his own hidden agendas, will be seen plotting a vicious plan to take away everything from malhar as a form of revenge for having ruined his career. in a shocking twist that is bound to catch viewers off-guard, malhar will be seen pulling the trigger on the love of life kalyani on 12th august. with her falling off a cliff, the narrative of tujhse hai raabta will fast forward to 5 years down the line and see a deeply dejected malhar wasting himself. demoted to a sub-inspector, he is no longer the alert, prompt and grounded cop we knew him to be. instead, he is now a short-tempered, ruthless cop who will go to any extent to ensure that no criminal goes unpunished. malhar is on a self-destruction spree and doesn’t care about anyone anymore, so much so that he is not even allowed to carry a revolver! just as malhar looks like he is drifting away beyond a point of repair or return, the 5 year leap sees the return of kalyani but the tides have turned and she is in an all new avatar.. the dynamics between the two have changed. where has she been all this while what was she up to what made her stay away from malhar and what does she want now only time will tell.

if you have been following the show, you would know that kalyani and malhar are an on-screen couple since raabta’s first season. in fact, kalyani is the perfect girl next door who malhar met in college. at the beginning, kalyani is unaware that malhar has a girlfriend and when she figures it out, she’s shocked and heartbroken. in fact, kalyani even questioned malhar about his wife and where she is. malhar, in turn, has also noticed kalyani’s interest in him and has avoided her. however, as the show progressed, kalyani develops feelings for malhar and after much deliberation, the two eventually get together.
in fact, tujhse hai raabta’s production house is very excited about the upcoming leap and has already started working on it. the writer of the show ravi shankar has also told pti, this is the biggest leap we have ever had in the show. we have kept the focus on the big love story which has been a long time coming. but we have also kept in mind the viewers and what they are looking forward to. i think this is a leap that will only get bigger and bigger.
apart from this, malhar’s parents are also preparing for the big day. they have been so excited about it and even decided to get married in a virtual wedding. in fact, the whole raabta team has planned a virtual wedding which will help malhar’s parents to make the day memorable.
raabta will be back on zee tv in april, but in a very exciting way. while the show is set to return to the small screen, the cast is set to take a leap of 5 years. the show will be in a whole new world, where malhar (played by sehban azim) will be a ias officer while kalyani (played by reem shaikh) will be the commandant of the ias (indian administrative service) centre.